why is ballroom dancing so expensive

Why is ballroom dancing so expensive?- The truth EXPOSED!

I have been asked by so many people as to why is ballroom dancing so expensive?why is ballroom dancing so expensive?

The people who always ask me this always make me laugh because this question to me really does not make sense because as a professional dancer I have gone through it all.

The answer to this question is usually very relative to every dancer who does dancing at a competitive level.

In this post I will walk you through what I think about this question.

Personal development

Ask yourself this question: why do we as people go to school for 12 years?

Ponder this question for me a moment…

I am sure you were thinking along the lines of :

  • We go to school because we want to develop reading and writing skills.
  • We go to school to take care of our growth.
  • We go to school so that we can learn certain basics skills that will help us in the real world.

The basic fundamental or common factor is that we go to school because we need to grow with our basic communication skills.

Sure there are other skills that you develop as well, but I am a talking in general terms here.

This is the reason why we pay to go to school for our development and learning ,but we hardly complain about the expenses we accumulate there.

why is ballroom dancing so expensive?

Ballroom dancing, like any sport, requires you to invest in your skills and information to be the best dancer.

This is why the private lessons get very high. This is because once you have the skill you can end up earning more then you ever dreamt of.


why is ballroom dancing so expensive?

The other fact which tends to make dancing seem very expensive is the outfits that are worn, whether it is for practice or competition.

These outfits, especially for women the dresses are very expensive if you want to look really good.

And why would you want to get an expensive dress you may ask?

Your look on the dance floor has a huge influence on your results

This is because your look on the dance floor has a huge influence on your results for the following reason:

  • Your look says a lot about your seriousness of wanting win to the adjudicators.why is ballroom dancing so expensive?
  • Your look makes adjudicators and spectators notice you.

You see how your look is so important and why you need to invest in high priced quality items for your dancing?


You are still asking why is ballroom dancing so expensive? well I hope this section should put your question to rest.

This section is still related to the clothing part I just talked about above (appearance).why is ballroom dancing so expensive?

The reason I put shoes as an entirely different section is because the shoes not only give you a great look but they also help with giving you better stability with your feet.

You see the major part of the body that you need is your feet as this dictates many things such as your balance, posture and stability while moving.

So what I mean is that you need to highly invest in good quality shoes for your dancing. I would recommend you check out a review I did about a brand I have been using for years Here.

This brand is also used by top ballroom dancers in the world especially  in the World DanceSport Fedaration (WDSF).

Prestigious sport

Yes I said sport…

Most people do not think it is worthy to invest their money in dancing just because it is not a sport.

This is a very bad mindset because it is wrong as I wrote about it in my previous article called: Is ballroom dancing a sport?

Any  prestigious sport you must expect to pay a lot for many things such as competition entry for example.

Look at a sport like Golf. You really pay a lot for the tools and clothing. This is because of the sports exclusivity.

Of course ballroom dancing is not as prestigious as golf but it follows the same principal for its items.


why is ballroom dancing so expensive?

At the end of the day whether ballroom dancing is expensive or not will depend on your goals.

For most people they say ballroom dancing is very expensive because they do not see it as sport that they want to be great at (whether they believe this or not).

You will notice that top dancer tend to always be investing in their dancing and this is why they are top dancers.

top dancer tend to always be investing in their dancing

Remember you do not get anything in life for nothing.

This is also the reason why I am a big fan of people who invest in themselves to be good.

In fact I have done a video about tips of becoming a top dancer below.


Final thoughts

Ballroom dancing is a sport like any other and often people do not know this and decide to not invest in their dancing.

This is why they end up saying ballroom dancing is expensive.

There are many factors that you need to consider before saying ballroom dancing is expensive.

Factors such as clothing that you need to wear, to the appearance that you want to show people when you dance.

If you do not understand these aspects you will end up asking this same question: Why is ballroom dancing so expensive?

This is a question that never comes to me and my partner because of the love we have for the sport.

In fact all top dancers think exactly this way and this is why it leads them to excel.

They see the positives in their sport or passion while the 99{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} of people only see the negatives.

I Hope this article was helpful to you and I hope it answered your question about why ballroom dancing is so expensive.

If you have any questions or you have any opinions to share I would be more then happy if you commented on the box below so that i can happily answer your.

Your comment  also will help the community on this site too.


5 thoughts on “Why is ballroom dancing so expensive?- The truth EXPOSED!”

  1. Hello,

    Great website! I especially like your pictures. They tell a great story of the point you are getting across. I myself never looked at dancing as a sport, but when you think about it, there are so many aspects of dancing that really is a sport.

    Congratulations on your success and I hope you have much more in the future.

  2. Hi there. I did not know that dancing is considered a sport so your article definitely taught me this. I think most people think of it as a hobby and as such it’s generally assumed that it should be relatively cheap. For those dancing competitively, I can definitely understand that the costs can add up. I used to do figure skating (not professionally) but even from taking lessons I learnt very quickly how expensive it can be as there are lots of costs that people who ice skate as a hobby would not think about. I had a question though. Given that shoes are so important to dancing, how many pairs do you have?

    1. Yes Tamika

      That is true most people think of it this way and thus end up not getting the results they are looking for.
      You treat dancing like a hobby it will treat to like one too and if you treat it as a sport then it will treat you in this way to

  3. I love watching ballroom dancing on TV, probably because I don’t have a graceful bone in my body. I never thought about the cost associated with buying everything needed to do ballroom dancing, but after reading your thorough post I see both perspectives.

    I do agree with you though, if someone wants to ballroom dance, then they should be prepared to pay for whatever is needed to do so – just like they’d do for any other sport.

    1. Hey Missy

      Great to hear your feedback about the post and that you can relate to ballroom and Latin american dancing.
      Yes Dancing will always treat to how you decided to treat it, nothing less and nothing more

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