Warm up dance exercises- These are what you should do daily

When it comes to dance practice everyone needs to understand the impact of not exercising has to an individual. This can effect a person’s performance or even their life in general.

This is the reason that it is important to have always have warm up dance exercises before practice and they have to be thorough and precise.

In this article I will be talking about the best warm up exercises you can incorporate today

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Why do you need to warm up for dancing?

The reason for warming up is so that you do not have cramps when you start you actual session.

Another reason for warming up is for you to ensure if you body is ready for the work ahead.

Just like you do not just start you car in the morning especially winter (well I know some people do though) you also do not want to do that to you muscles which were basically asleep before.

According to nmsi warm up helps increase the circulation to the joints and muscles which is what helps you perform the best at practice and prevents many injuries.

Foot twist exercise

Doing a foot twist exercise is the best way to keep you feet flexible strong before starting you practice.

Failing to do this can make you develop cramps on you calf muscles and make you fail practice at all.

The foot exercise is done by standing up and then lifting up you right leg and rolling you foot in a clockwise motion for 1 minute and the doing the same thing in the anticlockwise direction.

You then change you feet and do the same for the left foot.

Below is a video illustrating the part of creating a circle to work you ankles.

Head roll

Rolling you head about the neck will help relieve the stiffness of you neck before you start with you practice.

All you have to do is to rotate the head in a clockwise direction and thereafter 2 minutes you rotate anticlockwise. Simple as that.

Please note that this exercise must be done slowly or else you run the risk of breaking you neck before you dance practice.

Head roll is must be done even when you are going to a competition as you also need the upper body to be warm and ready for the said exercise.

Walking lounge and butt kicks

You want to make you legs and you hips get stronger by doing it actively (in motion).

This will help you have cardio while you are getting warmed up.

The but kicks needs to be done 30 seconds at a time as this will give you the strength you need.

Below is a video which will show you how these exercises are done effectively.

Slight jogging

We all know the benefits of jogging for warm up however if done the wrong way it can cause a disaster.

I would recommend that you do the jogging right after you do the above exercise not as a first thing for practice.

This is because jogging is similar to running it will need all you muscles to start working already.

So this is where the above exercises come in to help you get started.

I do recommend jogging the whole time before or after a dance practice as this will help muscles get warmed up and also warmed down.

Final thoughts

When it comes to exercising it is vital to ensure you do the right exercise for that specific sport.

You can not be warming up with swimming if you will be doing ballet as this is not related.

For any dance warm up make sure that you focus on the exercise like neck rolling, butt kicks and foot/ankle twist which will ease you into you practice.

Warming up is the most important aspect for any activity not just sport as long as you are doing something that will help you.

I hope this article was helpful in making sure that you understand the exercises needed before you start dancing.

If you have any question or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

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