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The Wdsf world championships in Russia-Things we all should know

Having competed in several wdsf world championship competitions I can say that the experience is very good experience for every national dancer to have.

When we attended the wdsf world championships in Russia, we were privileged to learn a lot from our fellow competitors in terms of conducts, practice and discipline.

We also learnt a lot about the essence of a high class ballroom dance competition and what dancers should always expect and understand.

In this article I will be unloading all the things that are vital for a couple attending a world championship competition.

Atmosphere changes to prepare for

wdsf world champions

When attending wdsf world championships competition the chances are that you are well-informed about the fact that the atmosphere can literally compromise your dancing to some degree.

So what do I mean by atmosphere?

Well I am talking about other dancers whom you will be competing with, the audience and the dance floor.

You see all these aspects tend to intimidate many dancers especially if they have never attended a wdsf world championship or if they do not compete at an international stage often.

Trust me the nerves do kick in since you are holding the flag for your country.

The ways things are done can also confuse some people and it happens a lot.

I remember my first time representing South Africa in 2005, in Slovenia and I got position 55 out of 60 couples. At first, I thought it was a joke or I was dreaming when the results came.

This is because we were one of the couples called to do a re dance (a section to select the last couples for the next round).

When we were not called back after the re dance I started to doubt myself, because at the time I understood myself to be a top dancer in my country.

It was only after where I realized that I am competing with dancers who do this sport for a living that I relaxed my emotions.

So any new dancer can be discouraged by this if they are not aware and many people do.

Adjudication system is larger

wdsf world champions

Not only do you have a very efficient system but there are normally 11 adjudicators which are participating in the dance competition.

This is done to ensure the results are not biased at all and that there is consistency.

Look, there might be some things that may happen without a doubt like favorisim however this system really helps eliminate this aspect somewhat.

To make it even more fair the adjudicators are swapped around in certain dances or certain rounds. So it just depends on that specific wdsf world championship.

In Russia there were 11 adjudicators and there was no swapping around, but it was fair to a large extent.


wdsf world champions

As with all wdsf world championships accommodation is provided for 2 couples of each country for only two nights along with transportation and transfer fees.

Transfer fees are when you are picked from the airport upon arriving at a certain country and also leaving you are dropped of at the airport.

In Russia, we were at the Vnukovo international airport which was very near from where we had accommodation.

This is what the wdsf tries to do so that competitors do not have to travel too far to their hotel.

As far as where we stayed it was at the Moscow Trade Center and it was more than a five star to be there, so we enjoyed this luxurious place fully.


fortunately we did not need to travel outside to attend the competition since the competition was in the Trade Center unlike some wdsf world championships where you have to travel to the world competition.

Competition day

wdsf world champions

When we attend the wdsf competition it was very exciting since we were ready to show case our skills we had gotten since we had done a lot of lessons from World champions a few months prior the competition.

We were able to place 30th and we were happy with the results since we were dancing with only the best professionals in the world who do dance for a living.

Can you buy dance accessories on the day?

Yes you can buy many things like shoes and ballroom dance dresses on the day and it is always guaranteed that you will get brands like BD dance shoes and supadance and if not Ray rose dance shoes.

So it is vital to have some extra cash should you wish to buy some of these.

Check out the whole trip below


Wdsf world championships are the best competitions for dancers to weigh themselves in terms of dancing.

The adjudicating system and the atmosphere is unique and will give you a very fair advantage since you are judged solely on technique and quality of your dance.

This is the reason people always get shocked when they beat a person who is number 1 in their country since the results are always very fair.

I hope this article of wdsf world championship was helpful in giving you light how the world champions are and how they are made.

If you have any comments to add you are more than welcome to add them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

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