The flat belly fix review-The shocking truth about this!!

Today I will be doing the flat belly fix review for all of the people looking for a way to loose weight while training.Flat belly fix review

I am sure most people who do ballroom dancing or any sort of sport with the aim of getting fit and loose weight.

I did talk about the importance of using dancing for loosing weight on my previous post.

In this post, however I will be checking out the flat belly fix program to see if it will work.

Especially if you are looking to use it with any other activity like ballroom dancing to loose weight.

I would like to first and foremost congratulate you for doing research about a program like this in order to see if it is real or not.

Most people just buy programs without researching and end up regretting it afterwards.

Knowing this about you I will ensure to give you a through review. All you have to do is just pay attention.

Without wasting your time let’s get right into it.

What is the flat belly fix program?

I will start the flat belly fix review by  describing a few concepts about what the program is and who the founders are.

This is a weight loss program that has been created by an individual who had the desire to Flat belly fix reviewhelp his wife recover from her weight problem.

His wife had tried a lot of programs and medication to loose weight but despite all her efforts she failed.

I will not describe the whole story to you because there is a video you can watch over >>here<<

Basically he ended up coming up with a solution which dramatically helped his wife lose weight drastically in a matter of  21 days.

This is the reason the author of the program has so much faith in selling the idea to the reader or the viewer that they can loose weight drastically in 21 days.

The program is claimed to have worked for most people according to the author and he also says people who have tried it have never failed to get results.

What is more, the program promises that the secret in the program is very easy for any dieter to use and it will not cost a lot.

But we will talk about that later on. For now let us see who the authors of the program are.

About the author

There is only one author or developer for the flat belly fix program.

The author of the program is Todd Lamb.

…So who the heck is Todd? you may be asking. Gladly for you I have done a lot of research to find out who this guy really is.

Flat Belly fix review
Todd Lamb

Todd Lamb, from Canada, was once a police officer, a former lead for the Greater Victoria Emergency Response.

Todd was also previously Vice president of the Saanich Police association in 2014, which makes him a very popular police officer.

He also served at the Saanich’s police dive team and also at their dog unit.

He was previously under fire when he produced a program (for fitness improving) which Flat belly fix reviewpromised men they would improve their body at the time, while he was an officer.

This was seen unfit since it was contravening with his job as a police officer at the time.

If you want to see the video where he was in the media you can check it out >>here<<

All in all Todd Lamb is a real person so you should rest assured of this fact.

He has also been in the fitness industry for a very long term, more than 4 years as described above with a program he developed previously.

Now let’s see what you will get when you purchase the program, shall we?


What are the features of the program

The program has many features which I consider normal for most fitness or wellness programs.

However the program has added a twist ( which I found very unique)

At a very low cost to you they offer more than what other programs I have checked offer.

Most programs will give you their core product which is in the form of a PDF or ebook and then a series of dvds for the main component.

For the flat belly fix program they give you more for the price of one.

The following items are what you get:

  • The 21 day systemthe flat belly fix review
  • The 7-minute flat belly Protocol
  • The smoothie recipe guide.

Let us explore just a little bit about each of these.

Bare in mind that I will not go in depth because it will be unfair to give you full details about something you have not bought.

Let’s start with the first one shall we?

  • The 21 day system

As the name says it works on producing results in 21 days.

This part of the program is the main component of the flat belly fix.

  • The 7 minute flat belly Protocol

This is a very simple version of a diet step by step book. The book has a list of rules and steps that you must know and follow to achieve your outcome.

Overall the program uses and gives you many ingredients that you can buy from your local grocery store and use it.

Try the Flat Belly fix on discount here!!

What i like about the program

the flat belly fix review

  • Has many unique items compare to other programs


  • Affordable

flat belly fix review

This goes without saying for what you get with the low price.

  • More valuable for money

For the price one what you would get for one item in another weight-loss program you get 3 here.

  • Author is authentic

I love the fact that the author is someone I can see online and is an actual person (Todd Lamb).

Most program I have seen are just faces of “people” which you can’t get a record of online.

  • Many raving reviews online

The amazing thing about this program is that many people are giving positive feed backs about their use, which is a good thing.

  • Uses natural ingredients

The program uses natural ingredients which is a great thing because there will be no side effects on using the product

  • Ingriedients can be found at your local shop

This is by far the best aspect about this program that you will not have to incur more costs just to get the ingredients.

  • Author has industry experience

Todd, as I said before, has created some few fitness and health programs such as Specforce Alpha program.

What I do not like about the program

the flat belly fix

  • Not user-friendly

The steps to follow the program can be somewhat confusing for a person who likes to be given proper rules to achieve their target.

  • No physical productthe flat belly fix review

You do not get any physical product so that can be somewhat a negative for people who like using physical products,

  • Electronic copy

The program only has an electronic copy.

  • Slightly far-fetched to a degree

The main thing about this program is the need to tell people they can loose belly fat quick which is misleading.

  • Hidden upsells

The program has further upsells once you buy the main program.

I am not concerned that they merely have upsells I am just concerned that the upsells of this program are just too many.

Imagine the program has 4 upsells which includes online coaching trial and yoga just to name a few.

For me this is excessive and I firmly believe you can just be fine with the main program.

If you, however need guidance and mentoring then the coaching upsell can probably be  a good fit for you.

Try the Flat Belly fix on discount here!!

The final verdict

The flat belly fix program is a weight-loss program that focuses on using unique and natural products.

The program promises big results over a very short time (21 days) which I would not 100{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} agree with.

You see, I am a person who grew up knowing that you need to put in hard work to get amazing results no matter what you are involved in.

Sure there are outliers who may achieve this ,but for most people it is very hard.

This is the reason that will make some people end up saying the program doesn’t work since they are expecting quick results.

All in all the program does work but people should not expect to achieve the flat belly as quick as the program suggests.

This is because people will get different results depending on their work ethic or effort and other factors.

Also this is where coaching comes in. If you are like most people you may not be disciplined enough and will end up needing coaching.

This is why the program has a coaching upsell for you.

At the end of the day you can decide if the flat belly fix is for you or not, but for me I would recommend it.

This is because it is a very viable solution to tackle your belly fat or weight in a natural and cheap way.

Especially so since the program is very genuine and you can likely contact the person should you have problems along the way.

I hope the flat belly fix review was very useful to you to knowing whether it is genuine or not.

As always I make sure to review programs which can help myself and the community on this website.

If you have any comments or questions about this program please leave them below, I will  be more than happy to respond to you.




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