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Dance outfits-What essentials you need as a ballroom dancer

The subject of dance outfits is one of the things overlooked as a dancers, especially for beginners.

This is because most instructors focus on teaching their students the technical part of dancing and forget to help them with the dressing up.

Throughout my years of dancing I have also had the same unfortunate issue but luckily as I grow older I was introduced to the concept of knowing proper dance outfits  by top teachers.

In This article I will talk you through the most important aspects of dance outfits in ballroom dancing.

Type Shoes

First and foremost I would like to address the issue of proper dance shoes when it comes to choosing proper dance outfits.

I start with shoes because shoes will have a huge influence in terms of how you end up performing in a competition of at practice.

I always recommend to my students, especially beginners to stick to the basics when choosing dance shoes.

Not only while basic shoes making you feel comfortable but it will help you not get worried about being disqualified or something (hey no one likes that right!)

I my other post I did talk about the shoes I use as a professional ballroom dancer and you can use these if you would like. you can read it here.

Nevertheless if you are looking for basic shoes the is a variety out there that you can have a look at.

I will mention a few for you here which I consider very good quality and which generally last for long.

General ballroom dance shoes

For women

These dance shoes are usually for intermediate ballroom dancers (level 4 to Novice level).

These shoes have been in the market for a very long time and have done the work. Below are the pros and cons.


  • Very affordable
  • Have a good heel high/size


  • Only for ballroom dancing
  • Not for beginner ballroom dancers

dance outfits

Price of shoes: $10.4 (R139)

Best place to buy it : Ebay.com


For men

The are also men ballroom dance shoes of the same type that are cheap and of great quality as mentioned above for women.


  • Great for intermediate dancers and beginners
  • Good quality
  • Very affordable


  • Heel a bit too large for ballroom

dance outfits

Price of shoes:  $22.17 (R226)

Best place to buy it: Ebay.com

Note that you can still use these shoes even if you are in championship level as there are no restrictions on the top levels.

I have only talked about ballroom shoes as I have only researched the best ballroom shoes that you can use.

Types of dresses

Dresses are also a big part of the most important dance outfits that you can use.

This is because dresses add to the big picture of how you look as a dancer.

On my post of  “dancing for beginners” I talked about how dressing up can add it make you a top dancer.

Again on this post I will focus on the general types of dresses.

For beginner dancers it is vital too wear dresses which are very simple yet very bright and elegant.

Why do I say bright and elegant?

It all goes to back to the point of being prominent on the dance floor, YOU NEED TO BE VISIBLE ON THE DANCE FLOOR.

For beginners you can have seen done for you at your local dress maker as long as they use costume to make the dresses.

Below is an example of a type of beginner ballroom dress.

From the above picture you can see how simple the dress is and also you can see how basic the male wears: white shirt with black trousers.

Of course as you advance in your dancing you will need more elegant and fancy dresses like the one below, This is where you invest more into your dancing.

As you can see the man also tends to look more defined as he adds on a tail suit as he progresses in levels.


Below is a video talking about ballroom dancing dresses, how they are normally done.

Additional items

As far as dance outfits I have not included other extra items that can assist in giving you that great look.

This is because I have tried to stick to the more basic part of how a beginner and intermediate dancer can wear.

I have not included things like make up for a dancer which is vital for advanced dancers, but not for beginners.

I will include this of another article where I talk about advanced dancers wear perhaps.

However, I would like to say that the other important aspect is taking care of your practice dance wear.

I have talked about this on my other article which you can have a look at over here.

I advice about how to wear to boost your dancing levels at practice and more.

Final thoughts

Taking care of you outfit when you dance can go a very long way, but more importantly dance outfits are essential for being considered a good dancer.

Having the right shoes and outfits like pants and dresses are the best investments you can make in your dancing besides the technical part.

If your budget is tight their are many ways you can get the outfits to suit your dancing and I have highlighted those above.

I hope this article was helpful for you and gave you enough insight for improving your dancing.

If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to leave your comments below, I will be happy to interact with you.




Dancer diet plan- This could be one thing killing your dance performance

A dancer diet plan is very important when it comes to advancing as a dancer.

All forms of dance genres know the importance of taking the food you eat seriously with reference to progress.

However, most people do not know how important this concept is and thus that is why most people do not succeed in dancing.


dancer diet plan

This should come as no surprise as to why the dancer diet plan includes protein as protein is the most important nutrient for dancers.

The most important aspect about protein is that it must be taken well in advance of a practice session or a competition.

Top ballerinas are known to drink protein shakes in the morning or some sort of protein liquid or food before practice.

You can understand why this helps them to be so strong and fit.

The best protein foods to eat in the morning or prior to a heavy competition are as follows:dancer diet plan

  • Nuts
  • Banana
  • Milk
  • Oatmeal foods
  • blue berries


Fiber is known to leave you fuller for long periods of time. This is exactly what all dancers need especially when they are dancing.

Fiber also has many other benefits other than leaving you fuller such as giving you good breathe.

Trust me you need this trait especially if you are engaged in a dance genre which involves you getting close to someone like ballroom and Latin American dancing.

The best fiber foods to eat as a dancer are as follows:dancer diet plan

  • Apples
  • Whole-wheat bread
  • grapes

These foods are the best because not only do they have high amount of fiber but they are also very easy to pack in your lunch box when you  go to practice or competition.


Our bodies are made up of more than 60{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} water so it goes without saying why it is vital for you to drink as much water as possible.

dancer diet plan

Ballerinas are also known to drink high amount of water in the morning.

This of course is what helps them keep hydrated throughout the practice session.

This is important considering how much water we lose as dancers when we perform.

Water also has the following benefits:

  • helps keep your breathe fresh
  • keeps you hydrated
  • keeps your fuller for longer.
  • Chases away headaches


the dancer diet plan will not exist without me mentioning the importance of potassium.

In fact this nutrient is what I take the most caution in because if not taken it can have huge ramifications.

The following foods contain high amount of protein:

  • Banana
  • Mushrooms
  • Cucumbers


dancer diet plan

Yes sleeping should also be an important factor for a dancer diet plan because of the fact that all these nutrients would not do anything without you incorporating sleep.

This is because sleep is what makes all the above nutrients work in the body.

I would recommend 5-7 hours, of course this could depend on your body.

With sleeping just makes sure you do not over do it as this may make feel very tired which can jeopardize your progress.

Important times to eat

The other important factor about the dancers diet is the time you consume all these nutrients.

This will be helpful because as dancers we need to have the best amount of energy at the right time so we can reach our full potential.

Let me talk about the most optimal times for incorporating all the above factors.


This is a very important eating time and I have to say that I use to neglect its importance.

It is more important for athletes than normal people because of the energy you leave on the floor.

Remember when you go to practice you literally are taking away energy and protein from your muscles.

So it would not be wise to not repair the damaged muscles.

Having said that it is vital to remember that you must not eat something heavy just for the sake of being full. Just keep it light and simple.

The other bad thing about eating a lot is that you may end up being constipated because you will be shaking your body drastically after a few minutes you ate.

If you do happen to eat a lot it is better to leave a long gap (2 hours or more) before your par-take in your sport.

Remember to keep this in mind if you will be doing a dance workout just before practice too.


This part is not too crucial when compared to breakfast and supper because during the day you may still function well especially if you ate your breakfast well.

What most dancers and ballerinas do is that they snack during lunch most of the time which helps them to get more power for continuing the session.

Below is a talk about the importance of a dancer diet plan


I could say that dinner is a bitter similar to breakfast.

remember the only difference is that your muscles have been destroyed so you need to replace them with good foods.

The food can be like breakfast but only being a little bit heavier than breakfast.

Examples could be foods like turkey, chicken, lean meat with brown rice or salad.

Remember to not eat immediately before you sleep as this may effect your digestion (similar to breakfast remember).

Remember to always leave at least 2 hours before you sleep and eat dinner.

Below is expert nutritionist talking about diet of dancers and its importance.

What top dancers say about this.

Some of the top ballerinas like Pollack and Segin both  agree that breakfast should include protein, vegetables and fruits.

They say this is important for keeping a person full throughout their practice session.

They do also say that normally for lunch they snack on something like nuts.

You can read there story here

As you have read above this is exactly how I had advised since I do this with my partner.

Final thoughts

Being a dancer has involves a lot of things especially important is the food you eat.

This will largely determine how far you go as an dancer.

Make sure you take serious the important meal times like breakfast and dinner.

Make sure that you put in protein and high amount of fiber with potassium.

I hope this article was helpful in giving you a dancer diet plan. If you have any comments or questions you would like to give to me please leave your comments below.




How to dance in a club-The most important points to know

It is not rare to find people who do not know how to dance in a club and yet so many how to dance in a clubpeople enjoy going to one.

If you came to this post I am sure you are keen on going to a club and if not you have been thinking of going there.

It is not shameful to go to a club, because most of us have gone to one  at some point in their lives.

It will be my honor to share  with you some times to keep in mind when you are thinking of going to a club and deciding to dance there (whether accidentally or planned).

The scene

how to dance in a club

So when it comes to how to dance in a club it all depends on the scene or type of club you are going to.

There are different types of clubs so it is vital to know how to conduct yourself depending on the type.

Office party kind club

Suppose you go to a club that is very formal and is organised by your job

In this type of club setting you should bare in mind that you are with your colleagues or more importantly your bosses.

This will make you more cautious and guide your steps.

On this setting you will want to dance in a more appropriate way while still being yourself ofcourse.

This could include doing some small and medium movements such as sway from side to side with your glass of champagne or juice.

Below is a video that you can use as a reference on what I am talking about.

These may be funny but they do give the points.

Proper club setting

You could also par-take in a normal club where you and your friends go out .

These clubs can either full of vibe or not, it just depends.

Here, however I will be talking about any sort of part, from house party all the way to that which you go to at night.

The scene for this club is normally very relaxed and to a large extent everyone tend to be care-free.

This type of party tend to be for the socialites and they tend to thrive a lot here.

Anyhow this type of club does not have any restrictions for dancing as it is a relaxed environment.

Over here you can do whatever but as long as it is in rhthym with the music. Fore example you can not do ballroom dancing while it is house music.

You will not only be the laughed at but you will spoil the mood of people who came to have fun (unless you are in a party with your friends just having fun).

Remember the setting is vital, so if you want ballroom or hip hop or tap dancing just know that there are many places fr that.

If you are looking for dance moves that you can apply to this kind of club are some videos that you can use as reference.

For men

For women

Jazz festivals events

As the name suggest these types of clubs are very jazzy and tend to have a relaxed atmosphere.

The dancing does not have to be hectic however you can still dance freely.

I wouldn’t say there are restrictions besides just looking at how the atmosphere is and follow that.

Jazz festivals do not have much requirements as people do not really dance and you can just sway from side to side while clapping.


I hope that the above videos did help you with knowing some moves.

Dancing with a partner

if you are intend on going to the club with your partner or happen to meet someone you feel like dancing with, there are also some tips you can follow.

Just remember when you are dancing with someone it will be a bit hard to want to execute your own moves.

In essence you just have to lead the partner for this.

below is a video that you can follow as a reference.

Now that you know that the scene is more important let us continue with other important points.


Learning how to dance in a club will have everything to do with the type of music the DJ decides to put.

This will definitely decide what mood of dance moves you embrace.

For instance if you attend a jazz type of event you must be sure that the dJ will not be putting hectic music that will require you to move a lot.

So it is vital to remember the scene of the club you are going to because this will guide you as to the type of music you can expect to get.

Do not over drink

This has to be the most important point of “how to dance in a club” that you need to drill in your head.

Over drinking in a club can have a very negative outcome to your experience in a club.

This is because when you very drunk you will tend to loose your coordination of your body.

This will make you end up dancing uncontrollably and can even hit people on the dance floor.

In fact I know a friend of mine who got stabbed in a club just because he danced and hit someones girlfriend all due to over drinking.

This is the reason you need to learn to drink lightly in any club you go to.

Respect those around you

When you are dancing in any club scene just make sure you are mindful of people around you who are dancing too.

This can seem obvious but trust me when you are on cloud 9 and a bit tipsy you end up forgetting there are people to be respected.

As I mentioned a story about my friend who got stabbed this is why this point is vital.

If you are also dancing with a strange just always keep your wits about you because these dances there are many people who have bad intentions especially in clubs.

Final thoughts

Dancing in a club is many points you have to be wary of such as the scene and music of that particular club.

Knowing these few basic points can go a long way in helping you enjoy your club experience and that is what we all want.

Remember going to a club is about going to have fun so let loose and just remember these simple and easy tips and you will be just fine.

I hope this article was helpful in addressing the issue of how to dance in a club for you.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions you are more than welcome to pop me a comment below and I will be more then happy to respond and chat or help.




Dance schools in Durban-Your ultimate dance guide

So you are a newbie in the city and are looking for dance schools in Durban to kick off your dance career or maybe just continue dancing.

Rest assured because I have you covered here.

Having been a professional dancer myself for a decade and a half, in Durban and South Africa, I have all the information you are looking for.

I know how hard it can be to find a great dancing school to fulfil your needs so that is why I wrote this article to help you.

I have compiled for you the best dance schools around Durban that are reputable and offer the best service.

All these schools can help you become a professional dancer. Let’s start.

Dance Direction International

dance schools in Durban

Are you looking for a dance schools in Durban which has many genres well Dance Direction International could be a good fit for you.

This dance school has been operational since the 90s and developed by Des Van der Spuy and Debby Tomlinson

What is more Debby was sparked by opening a branch in London for Dance Direction International.

This is what lead to the Dance Directional International being international.

What they offer

They offer the following dance genres:

What is more is that they offer gym classes.

So if you are looking for classes which merely involve fitness or perhaps you want to add more fitness for your dance career than you could be benefit from this.

Remember on my article I did talk about the importance of dance workouts as a dancer.

Below are the gym classes they offer

  • Stretch and posture
  • Cardio work
  • Dancercise
  • Body conditioning


Dance Direction International has branches in two countries (South Africa and London)

I will list the locations of Places where they are located.

  • Durban, Glenwood
  • London

The main location is the one that is in Durban, Glenwood.


Below are the things I liked about this dance company:

  • Fully operational online

Dance Direction International has a very operational website which looks very presentable.

This makes it easier to gain trust since you can contact them easily.

You can find them on there website: dancedirection.co.za

  • Has been in the market for long time

As I mentioned before this company has been in operation for more than a decade.

This shows how much of a reputation this company has in the dancing industry.

  • Has many genres

The company has many dance styles as I mentioned above.

  • Affiliations

The great thing about this company is affiliated with many  such as the SA Society for the Advancement of Dance in Durban (SASAD)

It is also affliated with The Durban DDI branch is affiliated to IAAASA (Acrobatic Society based in Pretoria)


These were the disadvantages I derived from this company.

  • No Ballroom and Latin American classes

For people looking for ballroom and Latin American dancing this company does not specialize in it.

  • No krump dance

For all the Krump enthuist this company does not offer these classes as well so you are better off checking out other studios.




Looking for dance schools in Durban which offer Salsa?

Well look no further because I have you covered with a school I recommend called Dance Salsa which is also known as HotSalsa

Again this is a company with more than a decade of experience in the dance industry, especially more specifically in Salsa.

What they offer

Hotsalsa offers merely salsa lessons as I have mentioned above.


HotSalsa is located in Musgrave, Durban and as far as my knowledge goes they do not have any branches elsewhere.

They do however have a restaurant which they operate so if you do not feel like doing the Salsa you can go to their restaurant and order yourself pizza and perhaps ask for some salsa lessons.


  • They have a restaurant

In combination of  salsa lessons you can have yourself a pizza..ha ha jokes.

  • Specialize in Salsa

The great thing about HotSalsa being focused on salsa is that they can give you a very specialized and best service.

  • Fully operation online

You can find this company online as well on: dancesalsa.co.za


  • One genre

To people looking for different styles such as tap, hip hop or ballroom they will not benefit.

  • One location

There is only one location in and around Durban and they do not have branches internationally.

  • Owners or founders not mentioned

Owners of this company are not mentioned on the website which can be hard to get that trust element for a customer.


Sherherzade Belly Dance Studio


Are you looking for dance schools in Durban which offer belly dancing?
Then this dance school could assist you.

What they offer

As you might have guessed they mostly offer belly dancing and which is modern and also accommodates old styles.


This dance studio is located in Berea, Durban and the address is The Breathing Space, Glenwood, Durban, 4083.


  • Specialist in  Belly dancing for all ages.
  • Has a lot of good or positive reviews from customers.


  • No presence online

Unfortunately this dance company does not have a website to go to. There is only a telephone number.

This is their current telephone: 031 201 8004


Belly Free dance Studio







How to become a professional dancer- The most important things to know

If you are looking on how to become a professional dancer then this article will give you how to become a professional dancersome great information.

The fact is that the majority of dancers start off by wanting to be professional or famous dancers.

Unfortunately many of these dancers end up quitting without reaching these goals.

Why is this so?

This is because they lack the essentials needed to reach that level.

This is why I will help you not become a statistic who does not reach their goals.

how to become a professional dancer

Sit comfortably and let me quickly tell you how to become a professional dancer the easiest way.

Be multiskilled

This right here is a big and very important aspect of how to become a professional dancer.

So what do I mean by being multi skilled in dancing?how to become a professional dancer

Well I mean you have to know other styles of dancing, not focus on one genre.

This is because when you want to become a professional dancer then you will normally be called to perform on dance shows, boat cruises, dinner events, you name it.

So if you do not have the skill to be versatile and entertain the audience you will likely fail to get gigs which will bring in money.

Remember being professional means you are earning a full time income from or at least 50{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} of your income from dancing.

This is the reason I say you will loose gigs (basically your income)..sad right? so you want to polish your skills.

As a professional ballroom dancer I am normally being called to perform or coach since that is what people expect from me.

Below is a video where i was called to perform at a dance show.

Have a good mentor

This is yet another very important factor to consider if you are really looking on how to become a professional dancer.

I really put great emphasis on the word “good”.

This is because you must  choose a mentor that has  gone through where you are looking to go.

This because if you go for a mentor , especially the one who has gone through your journey, will help you go through things which will make your path shorter.

I have been lucky to have had two mentors in my dance career, my dad and my first dance coach.

This helped me acquire the skills that i know have.


Hard work is not enough for achieving your goal but what is very important is that you need to apply more of disciplined actions.

You must have goals always

The more you are constant with applying the advice of your dancing  from your mentor and knowledge of the dance industry the better you will reach your goal of becoming a professional dancer.

If you have read my posts you should know how important I value having goals as a dancer.

Look for and be ready for opportunities

There are so many opportunities out there for being a professional dancers as I mentioned before so it is your responsibility to lookout for them.

Just be sure to always speak to your mentor about an opportunity that you think of taking ( it is only right to do as he or she is your guiding light).

Over the years I have seen a lot of my friends getting opportunities because of their hard work.

To most of them the opportunity presented itself to them.

One of my fellow dance friends got an opportunity to go dance for a big American dance TV show called dancing With The Stars (DWTS).

Below is a video oh him:

Has has been performing and rocking the stages abroad and I am truly proud of him because he had a mentor and was very consistent.

Below is a video where he is actually performing.

He is one of the people I know who are doing well on the big stages and I have learnt a lot from him to say the least because he is a South African.

Have long term plan

Let’s face it dancing fulltime professional can be very risky.

This more so if you do not have a proper plan for what you are doing.

It is said that most most ballet dancers end up not being professional due to the competition and also not being consistant.

I am not saying expect to not reach your goal.

All I am saying is that also bare in mind what you can do to ensure your dancing money can last you forever.

This is where you need to particulate in other dance avenues which can slightly bring in the income.

This is what one of our South Africa dance fellow is doing while she is dancing abroad, Otlile Mabuse.

Otlile is participating in various things which help her not only bring in the money, but establish herself in the dance industry.

Below is a video of one of her dance shows:

Embrace the risk

You should always be ready for the unexpected through your journey to becoming  a professional dancer.

Remember most dance styles have become a sport. The one example of this is ballroom how to become a professional dancerand Latin American dancing which has become a sport.

You can check out an article about this by reading here.

So what does it mean that dance is a sport?

Well this means that you are prone to injuries so it means you must at least know  how to cover yourself.

This also means that getting injured right before a big event or competition can jeopardize most peoples’ dance career.

By the way I have seen a lot of people getting into such situations which when they were about to get their big break.

This is what makes a difference between being a professional full time dancer and just failing,

Final thoughts

being in a quest of how to become a professional dancer  can leave you confused but if you have the right guidance and information you can achieve this feat which most people never achieve.

Most people end up not reaching the professional level as they either do not have mentor, don not look for opportunities or are not consistent.

Most professionals have gone through a lot to get to where they want to be because they were prepared.

But more than being prepared you need to have passion for what you are doing.

Remember passion for your dance genre will make you go through hurdles which most people will not through.

I hope this article was helping to you and I hope it gave you a guideline to become a professional dancer.

If you have any comments or questions than you are more then welcome to leave your comments and questions below.



Habits of successful dancers-What you should know as a dancer

Have you ever wondered  about the habits of successful dancers and what they involve?

If you are like most dancers I am sure you have right?

Everyone wants to be a top dancer, whether it is in ballroom or Latin American dancing or even Jazz. But did you know that there are fundamental principles that help you be a top dancer?

In this post I will be talking about habits of successful dancers and how you can put it in your dance journey.

Below is a video where I talk about these principles.

Take practice time serious

Habits of successful dancers involve, first and foremost more practice time. Practice time is  actually the most important when it comes to being a great dancer.

Each second Ballroom dancingyou are at practice you need to be dedicate at  focusing on a certain aspect of your dance.

This will assist in small growths which will accumulate to big amounts of improvements over a month and over the years.

It is basically like saving money each day in your bank account, the more you save the more money you will have in a month and ultimately over a year. More than just practicing a certain aspect ensures what you are practicing is quality and 100{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7}. Remember quality is better than quantity.

Practice long hours

Habits of successful dancers would not exist without this concept. This concepts goes hand in hand with the principle of taking practice serious.

The more a Ballroom dancingperson practices(quality) the better dancer they will end up becoming.

Look at all the top athletes in the world, they are all top because they work hard and give themselves more practice hours.

Michael Phelps even admitted that he practices nearly 365 days a year . He said he practices while people are having holidays… imagine that.

Warm ups and fitness

No dancer, in my books, should be allowed to dance without doing any warm ups. Warm ups are crucial in ensuring your body is ready to dance because if you fail to do that ultimately your body will get damaged over time. This is why people end up having cramps while dancing.

Fuel their bodies with good nutrition and Water

With any activity, to produce the maximum potential in your body it is wise to ensure it has the proper nutrition.

In dancing I would recommend eating lots of protein to ensure your body is ready to give you energy since dancing demands a lot of muscle function.

Water is also vital because dehydration can actually cause you to faint while practicing of competing which has happened in the past to my partner.

Invest in themselves

To get a head in life you need to invest in yourself. This is a concept all successful people in ballroom dancingany field live by.

This means they understand that education for their sport is an on going process since there is always a lot to learn in order to become the best.

Remember if you are not investing in yourself and just complaining about the costs you will pull yourself back for your own growth.

The good thing with investing in yourself is that it always comes back to you later on in life.

Work in teams

You have probably heard the saying “to get to your goals fast you must do it alone but if you want to get there far you must do it with others.”

This is because when you are in an environment of people who are positive and who encourage you the more you are going to be successful.

Throughout my international travels in dancing I have witnessed a lot of these.

You can also get these by attending group lessons which can help you improve a lot.

You can check out my article about the importance of dance lessons to see how lessons are vital for dancers.

Final thoughts

Habits of successful dancers involves  lot of aspects such as practice time, nutrition and more it is vital to learn to tackle all the aspects.

Once you learn these concepts not only will your dancing improve but also your life’s general achievements.

I hope these tips helped you understand the principles successful dancer use to dominate the dance stages. You can add any opinions or experiences you might have also had in dance or any questions you would like to ask on the comment section below.