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Dance schools in Durban-Your ultimate dance guide

So you are a newbie in the city and are looking for dance schools in Durban to kick off your dance career or maybe just continue dancing.

Rest assured because I have you covered here.

Having been a professional dancer myself for a decade and a half, in Durban and South Africa, I have all the information you are looking for.

I know how hard it can be to find a great dancing school to fulfil your needs so that is why I wrote this article to help you.

I have compiled for you the best dance schools around Durban that are reputable and offer the best service.

All these schools can help you become a professional dancer. Let’s start.

Dance Direction International

dance schools in Durban

Are you looking for a dance schools in Durban which has many genres well Dance Direction International could be a good fit for you.

This dance school has been operational since the 90s and developed by Des Van der Spuy and Debby Tomlinson

What is more Debby was sparked by opening a branch in London for Dance Direction International.

This is what lead to the Dance Directional International being international.

What they offer

They offer the following dance genres:

What is more is that they offer gym classes.

So if you are looking for classes which merely involve fitness or perhaps you want to add more fitness for your dance career than you could be benefit from this.

Remember on my article I did talk about the importance of dance workouts as a dancer.

Below are the gym classes they offer

  • Stretch and posture
  • Cardio work
  • Dancercise
  • Body conditioning


Dance Direction International has branches in two countries (South Africa and London)

I will list the locations of Places where they are located.

  • Durban, Glenwood
  • London

The main location is the one that is in Durban, Glenwood.


Below are the things I liked about this dance company:

  • Fully operational online

Dance Direction International has a very operational website which looks very presentable.

This makes it easier to gain trust since you can contact them easily.

You can find them on there website: dancedirection.co.za

  • Has been in the market for long time

As I mentioned before this company has been in operation for more than a decade.

This shows how much of a reputation this company has in the dancing industry.

  • Has many genres

The company has many dance styles as I mentioned above.

  • Affiliations

The great thing about this company is affiliated with many  such as the SA Society for the Advancement of Dance in Durban (SASAD)

It is also affliated with The Durban DDI branch is affiliated to IAAASA (Acrobatic Society based in Pretoria)


These were the disadvantages I derived from this company.

  • No Ballroom and Latin American classes

For people looking for ballroom and Latin American dancing this company does not specialize in it.

  • No krump dance

For all the Krump enthuist this company does not offer these classes as well so you are better off checking out other studios.




Looking for dance schools in Durban which offer Salsa?

Well look no further because I have you covered with a school I recommend called Dance Salsa which is also known as HotSalsa

Again this is a company with more than a decade of experience in the dance industry, especially more specifically in Salsa.

What they offer

Hotsalsa offers merely salsa lessons as I have mentioned above.


HotSalsa is located in Musgrave, Durban and as far as my knowledge goes they do not have any branches elsewhere.

They do however have a restaurant which they operate so if you do not feel like doing the Salsa you can go to their restaurant and order yourself pizza and perhaps ask for some salsa lessons.


  • They have a restaurant

In combination of  salsa lessons you can have yourself a pizza..ha ha jokes.

  • Specialize in Salsa

The great thing about HotSalsa being focused on salsa is that they can give you a very specialized and best service.

  • Fully operation online

You can find this company online as well on: dancesalsa.co.za


  • One genre

To people looking for different styles such as tap, hip hop or ballroom they will not benefit.

  • One location

There is only one location in and around Durban and they do not have branches internationally.

  • Owners or founders not mentioned

Owners of this company are not mentioned on the website which can be hard to get that trust element for a customer.


Sherherzade Belly Dance Studio


Are you looking for dance schools in Durban which offer belly dancing?
Then this dance school could assist you.

What they offer

As you might have guessed they mostly offer belly dancing and which is modern and also accommodates old styles.


This dance studio is located in Berea, Durban and the address is The Breathing Space, Glenwood, Durban, 4083.


  • Specialist in  Belly dancing for all ages.
  • Has a lot of good or positive reviews from customers.


  • No presence online

Unfortunately this dance company does not have a website to go to. There is only a telephone number.

This is their current telephone: 031 201 8004


Belly Free dance Studio







How to become a professional dancer- The most important things to know

If you are looking on how to become a professional dancer then this article will give you how to become a professional dancersome great information.

The fact is that the majority of dancers start off by wanting to be professional or famous dancers.

Unfortunately many of these dancers end up quitting without reaching these goals.

Why is this so?

This is because they lack the essentials needed to reach that level.

This is why I will help you not become a statistic who does not reach their goals.

how to become a professional dancer

Sit comfortably and let me quickly tell you how to become a professional dancer the easiest way.

Be multiskilled

This right here is a big and very important aspect of how to become a professional dancer.

So what do I mean by being multi skilled in dancing?how to become a professional dancer

Well I mean you have to know other styles of dancing, not focus on one genre.

This is because when you want to become a professional dancer then you will normally be called to perform on dance shows, boat cruises, dinner events, you name it.

So if you do not have the skill to be versatile and entertain the audience you will likely fail to get gigs which will bring in money.

Remember being professional means you are earning a full time income from or at least 50{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} of your income from dancing.

This is the reason I say you will loose gigs (basically your income)..sad right? so you want to polish your skills.

As a professional ballroom dancer I am normally being called to perform or coach since that is what people expect from me.

Below is a video where i was called to perform at a dance show.

Have a good mentor

This is yet another very important factor to consider if you are really looking on how to become a professional dancer.

I really put great emphasis on the word “good”.

This is because you must  choose a mentor that has  gone through where you are looking to go.

This because if you go for a mentor , especially the one who has gone through your journey, will help you go through things which will make your path shorter.

I have been lucky to have had two mentors in my dance career, my dad and my first dance coach.

This helped me acquire the skills that i know have.


Hard work is not enough for achieving your goal but what is very important is that you need to apply more of disciplined actions.

You must have goals always

The more you are constant with applying the advice of your dancing  from your mentor and knowledge of the dance industry the better you will reach your goal of becoming a professional dancer.

If you have read my posts you should know how important I value having goals as a dancer.

Look for and be ready for opportunities

There are so many opportunities out there for being a professional dancers as I mentioned before so it is your responsibility to lookout for them.

Just be sure to always speak to your mentor about an opportunity that you think of taking ( it is only right to do as he or she is your guiding light).

Over the years I have seen a lot of my friends getting opportunities because of their hard work.

To most of them the opportunity presented itself to them.

One of my fellow dance friends got an opportunity to go dance for a big American dance TV show called dancing With The Stars (DWTS).

Below is a video oh him:

Has has been performing and rocking the stages abroad and I am truly proud of him because he had a mentor and was very consistent.

Below is a video where he is actually performing.

He is one of the people I know who are doing well on the big stages and I have learnt a lot from him to say the least because he is a South African.

Have long term plan

Let’s face it dancing fulltime professional can be very risky.

This more so if you do not have a proper plan for what you are doing.

It is said that most most ballet dancers end up not being professional due to the competition and also not being consistant.

I am not saying expect to not reach your goal.

All I am saying is that also bare in mind what you can do to ensure your dancing money can last you forever.

This is where you need to particulate in other dance avenues which can slightly bring in the income.

This is what one of our South Africa dance fellow is doing while she is dancing abroad, Otlile Mabuse.

Otlile is participating in various things which help her not only bring in the money, but establish herself in the dance industry.

Below is a video of one of her dance shows:

Embrace the risk

You should always be ready for the unexpected through your journey to becoming  a professional dancer.

Remember most dance styles have become a sport. The one example of this is ballroom how to become a professional dancerand Latin American dancing which has become a sport.

You can check out an article about this by reading here.

So what does it mean that dance is a sport?

Well this means that you are prone to injuries so it means you must at least know  how to cover yourself.

This also means that getting injured right before a big event or competition can jeopardize most peoples’ dance career.

By the way I have seen a lot of people getting into such situations which when they were about to get their big break.

This is what makes a difference between being a professional full time dancer and just failing,

Final thoughts

being in a quest of how to become a professional dancer  can leave you confused but if you have the right guidance and information you can achieve this feat which most people never achieve.

Most people end up not reaching the professional level as they either do not have mentor, don not look for opportunities or are not consistent.

Most professionals have gone through a lot to get to where they want to be because they were prepared.

But more than being prepared you need to have passion for what you are doing.

Remember passion for your dance genre will make you go through hurdles which most people will not through.

I hope this article was helping to you and I hope it gave you a guideline to become a professional dancer.

If you have any comments or questions than you are more then welcome to leave your comments and questions below.



The best dance workout- Try this tonight!

People all over the world are always keen to know the best dance workout which can the best danceworkoutimprove their dancing.

Some people are only keen so that they will get to use it for their weight loss program.

As a person who has danced more than 10 years I can assure you that there are many of these work-outs which we can all use.

The problem is that most people do not know the criteria with which to choose these work outs.

In this article I will walk you through the factors you can use to choose the best dance workout for your needs.

At the end of this article I will give you free and easy workouts you can choose according to your needs.


the best dance workout

Your intentions of choosing the best dance workout will be the main factor you choose a certain dance workout.

For example most people will want a dance workout which will help them lose weight while others want a dance workout that will help them enhance their sport (like ballroom dancing).

These people will have different agendas; The former will require to get an intensive dance work out which will focus on the burning of fat.

the best dance workout

The Latter will have to opt for a dance workout which focuses on the cardio.

Remember you need to have goals before making any decision.

I did talk about having goals as a dancer in my article called dancing for beginners-the best way to be a top dancer quickly.


Remember the best dance workout will always depend on the music that you prefer to the best dance workoutlisten to.

It is a popular phenomenon that younger people tend to opt for upbeat music

Some people prefer upbeat music of which they opt for rigorous dance work outs, while others opt for calm music which makes dance less intensive.

It is a popular phenomenon that younger people tend to opt for upbeat music and that is why most dancers opt for Latin America dancing against standard.


Age is also another huge factor which I mentioned above about choosing your dance workout.

Older people tend to be suited for classic kind of music which will still keep them working their bodies.

Types of dance workouts

On this section I will be talking about different workout which you can choose from based on the above aspects I gave you.

Dance workout

This for me has be the best dance workout for ballroom dancers.

This is because it is fun a pretty easy to do as an non-intensive workout.

Dance workout two-For cardio

Are you busy to workout for long hours?

Are you looking to make your hip more flexable?

If yo answered yes than this the best dance workout for you.

If you are only looking to make your hips flexible without dancing you can check out a very popular program I recommend.

I wrote a review about in in my article. You can check it <<here>>

Dance jumps

I also have implemented some dance routine for my dance students and they have worked for warm-up especially.

This is good for people who want to prep their bodies before practice or competition.

This are exercise we do  before a competition.

Dance warm-up warm-up

Have you heard of a saying that as a dancer you need to do a warm up before a warm-up?

Well it is true…

The reason people do this is because some muscles of the body take longer to warm up and sometimes it is not enough to do one warm up.

The advantages for this warm-up

  • Quick
  • Anyone can do it
  • Helps with overall body strength especially core muscles.


  • Not really efficient if you will not do a rigorous sport

About these exercises

I would like to give you a quick side not about these exercises.

All the above exercises are very good to do if you are a dancer.

This is because most of them focus on the hips and body flexibility which is needed for dancing.

If you are doing another sport I would recommend other more intense exercises like lifting weights and cycling.

I am not, however saying you can not use these exercise for your sport. I am saying it may not give you the full body work-out you are looking for.

If you are looking for other exercises which focus more on ballroom dancing you can read an article I wrote called Vital exercises for dancers.

These will focus more on the technical aspect of ballroom and Latin American dancers and have been used over centuries.


Final thoughts

Choosing the best dance workout has many aspects to look for.

Depending on your age, intentions and music you can structure a proper dance work out.

Bare in mind that your choice will be based on your needs.

The best workout exercise should be fun and easy to do at the comfort of your home.

Remember dancing has proven to give you all sorts of benefits but the most vital one is that you get a great deal of intelligence through dance.

You can check out an article I did for this <<here>>

I hope this article was helpful in giving you information about the best dance workout for you.

If you have any questions or have any comments you would like to add I would be more than happy to hear from you.

You can leave your comments on the comment box below.


Unlock your hip flexors- Why people Are opting for this program

Welcome to my review of the unlock your hip flexors program I am glad you are here as I unlock your hip flexors will quickly explain to you why people love this program.

Are you one of those people who train very hard and take care of their  diet but still do not get the results you require from your body?

Well you are not alone

I have had this problem myself for years until I came across a program which assisted me in this regard and this is the “Unlock your hip flexora” program.

In this article I will be reviewing this program for those of you who have had the same problem I had.

Please note this review will be based on my experiences with the program and how it worked for me.

This will help you see if it will be a good fit or not for you or not.unlock your hip flexora

Please be advised that this review is for you to make a final decision for yourself with the information I will reveal for you.


unlock your hip flexora

The unlock your hip flexors  program is a health program that was created by Mike Westerdal who is known as a sports nutritionist, personal trainer and best national selling author.

He was also involved in the iron man magazine as one of the contributes. His years of experience in the sports industry is marked by his online site called criticalbench.com.


The other author of this program is Rick Kaselj has been in the exercise and fitness field mainly helping sport athletes recover from injuries.

He has also been in the industry for decades, dating back to 1994 when he started.

The advantage has has over many fitness experts is that he has studies for the fitness industry at university level.

The program focuses or talks about the one body organ which causes a lot of discomfort to normal people and those are the tight hips.

Many people are not aware that the hip muscles are the foundation to their problems.

Most of the following body problems are due to the hip tight muscle:

  • Back painunlock your hip flexora
  • Muscle cramps
  • Hip pain
  • heart problems
  • Decreased sexual desire
  • Poor sleep


The tight hip occur to people who sit for long hours on the chair.

This can also happen to top athletes as they also may tend to sit for extend hours.

The worst thing about the tight hip muscles is that it can happen to anyone and people may not even know when they are have it or not.

You might have it as we speaking without even knowing it at all.

Do you have the above symptoms that keep bugging you for years and you have been struggling to get rid of?

Well the chances are that you could have just this small problem that you need to change.

But do not worry you are not all in this matter many athletes and even dancers have this problem without knowing it.

Remember ballroom dancing is a sport so it is vital to get proper flexibility and and a stress-free body.

The unlock your hip flexora I found to address this issue for dancers but I am not sure if it can work for everyone.


As far as my research goes I did find out that Rick is a real person and he does indeed hlp people with fitness.

He even has a website where has has bee doing this which is called www.exercisesforinjuries.com

As for Mike I did say earlier on that  he has a website called cricticalbench.com

This is where he has also been helping other athletes and normal people with fitness and so forth.

This information alone should atleast leave you assured you are dealing with a real human being.


I know you the most important question the unlock your hip flexors is you would like to know is what is really inside this program before I decide to purchase it?

Let’s reveal this for you.

  • PDF manual

You get a soft copy of the program which is well documented in steps to do the exercises.

  • DVD series

You will get a dvd which goes hand in hand with the PDF manual


What I like about the program

I have to say that the program has a lot of positives then negatives. Below are the positives derived from this program.

  • Easy to follow

With the steps that are written in the handbook anyone can be able to follow the steps. In fact I think it is made to fit  even kids…jokes but you get what I mean right?

  • Written by fitness experts

As I mentioned earlier the founder of this program has been in the fitness industries for years and has made his name.

This thus means he  knows what he is doing.

  • Not time consuming

Afraid of your kids or cooking time being stolen? well with only exercises which require only 15 minutes of your time you are sure to have all your extra time to yourself.

  • Home friendly

“What if I do not have time to go to the gym Thabo?” well good news for your this program can be done at your home or any place that fits your personality.

  • 60 day money back guarantee

The good thing about this program is that you get use it risk-free for a month and thereafter you decide if it is for you or not.

What I do not like about the program

Unfortunately like any program this one also has its downsides. Let’s highlight them below.

  • ebook only

For those of you who do not like to spend time on the screen this will be a disadvantage.

Unless ofcourse you decided to print the whole ebook.

  • Age restrictive

Unfortunately if you are over 50 years this program may not be good for you due to the intensive exercises incorporated like the side push-ups and regular push-ups.

The verdict

The unlock your hip flexors is good for helping people get rid of the normal body problems like poor sleep, hip pain and heart problems.

Although many people may not be aware of having tight hips I would recommend  a person to try the Unlock your hip flexora program.

This is because this program is risk-free for 60 days and you may bring it back should you not be satisfied with the results.

However from many people I know who have used it it becomes an addiction since it produces good results.

As for me It worked but it was not an addiction because it just gave me satisfactory results after which I did not need to keep using it although I still do use some of their exercises once in a while.

If you would like to purchase it risk free you can click below:


I hope this review was beneficial to you and I hope it was able to answer the questions you may have had.

If you have any questions or have any opinions you would like to share you can leave them on the comment section below.

The best way to learn ballroom dancing-This will work for anyone?

Throughout my life I have always wanted to know the best way to learn ballroom dancing and through so many years I have found the answer.

Many people enjoy the thought of being captivated by music on the dance floor with their significant other, but when it comes to doing it in real life they are not aware of the best way to learn ballroom dancing.

You see I have been dancing for 15 years (that is most of my life, I know hey) and I have the best way to learn ballroom dancingseen it all and went through it all  before I become a successful professional ballroom dancer.

I know how hard it can be when you start ,especially if you have never danced with a partner before.

I also know how frustrating it can be to not be able to dance along with your partner and be on time with the music.

Having gone through all these huddles myself I will be walking you on the best way to learn ballroom dancing.

I hope this will not only be educational for you but I also hope it will be very entertaining…and why and do I saying this?

…Well because any kind of dancing, especially ballroom dancing should be very fun for anyone to do.

Without further ado let’s get right into it.

Join a dancing club

This is by far the best way to learn ballroom dancing when you start

Remember the saying “birds of the same feather flock together”? …Im sure you do. This the best way to learn ballroom dancingconcept is very true if you want to learn ballroom dancing fast.

This is because the environment that you are constantly in has a huge factor on your improvement.

What option would be efficient in learning a new language fast between these two options?

  1. Learning the language by reading books or online.
  2. Living in a country where people are all speaking the language

I am sure you are agree with me when I say option 2 is the most efficient because of many reason.

The first reason is that living in that specific country will give you full immersion because on a daily (or even hourly) basis you are forced to understand what the people are saying.

This will make you understand words that you would have never learnt in basic reading or a lecture.

The second reason is that you will end up picking up the accent very quickly as your subconscious mind will be recording daily.

Get the point?

This is the same process with learning  ballroom dancing. You will learn better with people around you living the sport.the best way to learn ballroom dancing

The other reason why joining a ballroom dance club is the best way to learn ballroom dancing is because you also get other benefits such as developing relationships.

These relationships are what will build your character to end up having more confidence in your steps since you have had the courage to dance in front of people, which is what most newbies fear.

Listen to dance music daily

aaaah you will like this one, The best way to learn ballroom dancing is when you listen to dance music as a habit.

This is one of the major factors that assisted me in quickly grasping the concept of “dancing in harmony with music”.

Please note this is a must if you want to speed your learning process as a beginner.

Most beginners neglect this aspect because they think just because they have left the dancing studio they must not think of dancing.

That is absolutely the incorrect way to do it and it will harm your growth significantly.

This is because whenever  you keep coming back to the studio your mind will have to keep re-adjusting, trying to get back to where it was the previous day or maybe the previous two days.

Remember that we as human beings are creatures of habit. The more we do something the more it gets ingrained in our bodies.

Human beings are creatures of habit

I usually suggest to my dancie students who are beginners to listen to music for at least a month when they are away from the studio so that the habit of understanding music is ingrained quickly.

This is because it takes 21 days for a habit to formed in a normal human being.

Opt for private classes more than group classes

ballroom dancing South Africa

As much as group classes are very good for you development and socializing but if you are really looking to grow more and fast I would recommend you look at private classes.

Check out my article about the different types of dance lessons and why private lessons are a must.

In a private class you get to have all the attention to you and your partner.

More than that the dance instructor can personalize the experience for you with regards to your levels of dancing and your style.

I am in no way saying you should not go for group classes but I am merely highlighting the aspect that will make you grow faster.

You can still attend group classes for the social part and also to develop your confidence and so forth but if you want to level up you need to add more private classes.

Have specific goals

I have spoken about the importance of goals on my previous article called Dancing for beginners-best way to be a top dancer quickly.

I highlighted that in order to achieve bigger improvement or even success in dancing it starts with knowing where you are and also where you are headed.

the best way to learn ballroom dancing

These factors will be the big determining factor for whether you will achieve your goal or not in dancing.

Have fun

This is undoubtedly the best way to learn ballroom dancing as it will help things come the best way to learn ballroom dancingeasily to you.

Guys you are doing an activity that has music and after all you are dancing so why not have fun while doing it.

This will not only be the best way to learn ballroom dancing but it will improve your well-being significantly all together.

Remember the most successful people do things that they are passionate about.

Final thoughts

Learning to do ballroom dancing the best way involves a lot of simple choices such as having fun, having goals and joining an environment that will enhance you.

Most people find it hard to learn ballroom dancing because they forget about the factors that go into being a great ballroom dancer.

These are all the techniques that have worked well for me and my students and I am sure that will work for you should you implement them 100{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7}.

I hope this article was of great help to you in discovering your dancing passion.

If you have any question that you would like to ask me or have any thoughts that you would like to share with me and the community of dancers please do not hesitate to leave your comment below.

Is ballroom dancing a sport?

Everyone has had the pleasure of seeing couples gliding across the floor  and doing ballroom dancing.

To most that has always seemed like an easy and effortless thing to do. This is why ballroom dancing has always been considered as nothing more than a social activity.

Over the years this sport has advanced and has had many changes to accommodate the modern aspects of society. You can read my article about the history of ballroom dancing.

Many people have sacrificed everything in order to be world champions for this activity.

Despite all the sacrifices and development of this activity there is a question that always remains: Is ballroom dancing a sport?

In this post I will do my best to answer this question for you as I have more then a decade of experience as a competitive ballroom and a Latin American dancer.

Ok folks let’s get into it now

What is ballroom dancing

Ballroom dancing is basically were two people ( a couple) are linked together through their body features to produce a circular movement across the floor.

You can click here to check my detailed explanation about how it originated here.is ballroom dancing a sport?

ballroom involves the man wearing clothing that is very formal while the woman wears a very beautiful gown.

Unlike Latin American dancing (a segment of ballroom and Latin American dancing), in ballroom dancing the women wear gowns that cover their whole body.

When couples practice or rehearse for dance competitions there are costumes that they use. You can check out the practice wear of ballroom dancers by clicking here.

Ballroom dancing also requires that the couple dancing exactly with music while adding their own style while they perform.

Ballroom dancing is generally put in the category of contemprary dancing and jazz because it is elegent and consindered very gracefull.



Ballroom dancing and sport

You might have heard the name dancesport when people are talking about ballroom and Latin American dancing nowadays.

You see this word in itself describes the essence of what ballroom and Latin American dancing is, which is a sport.

I can see you doubting the fact that  dancing is not a sport and that it is only the name it is given, well think of this what does sports involve, let’s have a lot.

Essentials of sports

  • Point systems
  • Uniform
  • Judges
  • sessions
  • Mental work
  • Physical work

The above factors are what the university of California specifies as what constitutes an activity to be called a sport.

We will expand on each of these for the dancesport to uncover the truth you are looking for.

Point system

If you have been involved in ballroom and Latin American dancing you will know that in order to go from one level of your dance catergory you  need to have certain points.

There are for levels which use the point system in order to move up (levele 1, level2, level 3 and levele 4).

You need adequate points on each level to move up. That is how I was able to move ranks when I started dancing.

When you get to the dress section (the advanced levels) your points are only those from adjudicators who give you a score on your dancing.

In these levels there are no points for moving up a level. (novice to Professional).

You can see how critical the point system is for ballroom and Latin American dancing right.

Alright let’s go to the next point,( excuse the pun).


Is ballroom dancing a sport?

In ballroom and Latin American dancing there are custom that you need to wear in Oder to be allowed to dance.

There  is a strict dress code rule for all levels which dancers need to abide by at all times.

Start grade levels (Level1 -4) all have a simplistic way of dressing up; The boys wear a white shirt and black pants while the ladies wear a long costume.

In the dress section (Novice to Professional) the dress code is more open and it can be as fancy as possible.

For more and detailed dressed code for ballroom and Latin American dancing clothing you can check out my post here.

Even though the dresses are fancy they still have to abide by the rules that are set by the dancesport Federation.

Still in doubt?

The following section should already be enough proof to you for “Is ballroom dancing a sport?”

Let’s get into it…


Ballroom and Latin American dancing is by far as sport which depends on the adjudication system to decide winners.

On a local competition there are 3 adjudicators but if the stakes are high, like a world champion, then the adjudicators can be as many as 9 or 11.

You will have noted that there is an odd number of adjudicators and you may be wondering why…well the simply answer is to remove biasism at all costs and fair judgement.

Yeah yeah I know you might be saying well Thabo but there can still be politics that control those results…

You are absolutely right politics as there and will always be there as long as we are dealing with human beings.

The odd number system is just a standard used to be fair as possible as especially when there are many adjudicators.


ballroom dance south africa

The more the couples the more sessions that will be done.

When couples are more then 7 it becomes a semifinal and as more couples increase the you will have quarterfinals and so on.

Mental work

Ballroom and Latin American dancing is a big mental sport. You may ask why? well I will explain.

When you are competing to win against  your competitors it becomes really tough mentally because even if you are well prepared it can be intimidating, which can derail your dancing capabilities.

This is why for my dancing students I have a program where I feature psychology which will enable to be strong mentally when  they are at a dancing competition.

Physical work

I have heard many people ask me do you work out when you dance?….my eyes pop whenever I hear this statement.

This is because people underestimate the workout you get when you do dancing and it is is ballroom dancing a sport?actually more than many sports I know because you work-out without even knowing this.

Have you ever danced to music in you car or perhaps your house and all of a sudden you end up breaking a sweat? I bet you have right?

This is the power of dancing to music like ballroom and Latin American dancing.

There you have it folks ballroom and Latin American dancing fits all the criteria for an activity being a sport.

Here is a footage of some ballroom dancers competing in what is an Olympic stage.

Final thoughts

Over the years the debate of whether ballroom and Latin American dancing is a sport or not has always been there even when I was in my high school year my friends would tell me that this activity is not a sport.

This article has uncovered  the answer to this question: is ballroom dancing a sport?

This activity fits all the points which the University of California deems an activity to be called a sport such as Uniform, point system etc.

I hope this article was able to answer the question you had about this sport.

If you would like to share any thoughts you are more then welcome to leave a comment on the comment section below or if you have any questions you would like to ask me.

First competition for TTdancesport club students

Interclub Competition 2017

This past weekend was the first time the students of TT Dancesport club competed. After all long time of not competing and practice the students performed at their best. They all enjoyed the competition atmosphere as they were full of energy and enthusiasm.

Although they competed and placed well they all felt they needed to do more work in terms of improvement. Their main focus was to dance the best they could.  The support of the club was quite phenomenal as it lifted all the competing members. This family spirit is what keeps the club very hyped up and energetic to perform well.

ballroom and latin dancing



Dance classes commence for 2017


This is a new year filled with lots of opportunities, one of which is having the opportunity to dance with us. Due to the large need TTdancesport club will be operating in Gauteng and KZN. This will enable us to get to assist as many students as we can when it comes to understanding ballroom dancing on a international level.

We commence classes on the 17th of February. Let this year be your year of success. Be part of a club that has track record of always delivering good results for you to be able to have the confidence to perform anywhere with excellence.

Dancing goals achieved by TT dancesport students

TT Dancesport ballroom dance Achievement 2016

A little story about our students who competed at the nationals

Thobani memela and Nqobile Nxumalo had been dancing in our studio for about a year and  achieved great results. First place in Adult pre-championship out of 18 couples and 2nd in the rising star section. Well done guys.

Nkululeko Sibiya and Nontokozo Mbokazi had been dancing for less than two months together with Nontokozo being a bigginner and Nkululeko who started dancing only September 2015, were able to achieve 5th place in the South African championship. Well done guys.

Sanele Gumede and Okuhle Pahla had been dancing together for about a year together and achieved great results. First place in Adult novice ballroom.


All good things come to an end, same is true for the ballroom dance legends

Another ballroom dance legend retires

Farewell to World Champions

ballroom dancing

They are all here – for a change – and ready to do battle! Well, that is what everybody had thought until the day of the championship. In the end it didn’t happen. But the 2016 WDSF PD World DanceSport Championship Standard was an outstanding event regardless.

The close to two hours of coverage that are provided in this Vimeo on Demand programme confirm that. Great DanceSport combines with the emotions of a retirement: the new PD World Champions Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet made this their last competition.

A 4-camera production in HD covering the decisive stages of the 2016 PD World Standard. The programme is made up of four parts: the full-length semi-final, a Latin show by Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe, the full-length final and an in-depth interview with Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet. Here is the trailer set to Willow (The Best 17) from Casa musica.


Having been there and compete in the same dance floor with the dance legends Tania and Emanuel was an honor. What we learnt as a couple was that most whether you are a world champ and looking to retire you need to retire with a bang which is what these legends did on the 11 November in Denmark. We also learnt that once you retire it doesn't necessary mean you have to not be in that particular sport but you need to groom other dancers so they that you make others more successful too.