Club dance membership

South Africa ballroom dancing

We believe success is all about achieving in groups. We believe you should always surround yourself with people in the same mission as you.

That is why we hold every member of our club as our family, meaning we put them first in everything.

Being member of our club is not like any other dance club, this is an experience to take you from where you are to where you want to go by being there for you every step of the way using the principals we have been using for succeeding in dance.

The club membership includes group lessons and specific amount private lessons  a month.

You can find the schedule for dance practice times, prices and lessons below

Cub membership prices (As of 25th March 2019)

  • Beginners: R 1200 per couple/month (R 600 per person)
  • Advanced: R 3000 per couple/month (R 1500 per person)

General dance practice times PDF

Current Month dance schedule PDF (focused lessons)



Contact us via email or inbox us on our facebook page (Thabo khoza and tina dolwana dance journey) for more information