New adjudicating system to be in place for WDSF

Ballroom and Latin American dancing new judging system

World Opens From 2017

Adjudicator's Handbook

The Judging System 2.1 will be used to adjudicate all World Opens scheduled after 1 January 2017. The organizers are required to compose their panels with 12 Adjudicators who have been certified for use of this system!

The first World Opens to be judged with the system from the quarterfinal round (24) are the Standard and Latin scheduled in Madrid, ESP, on 7 and 8 January, respectively.

On their event website, the “Men in Black” (Frederic Mosa, Pietro Braga and Valeri Ivanov), the three organisers of the World Opens in Madrid, point out that last year’s competitions had a coefficient of 2.15!

Author’s opinion

This new system to arrive soon is nothing but evidence that the World Dancesport Federation. By the look of things this will also mean more trick marking from adjudicators.

This article was taken from the Wdsf website



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