Learn to dance-Find out why this is the best skill to learn

This is a new year and this could mean a obtaining a new skill like  finding out how you can learn to dance.

This could not only be the best skill you learn but can be a way to Learn to dancehelp you get more healthy like loosing weight.

while I am on the subject of loosing weight did you know that ballroom dancing can be a great way to loose weight?

Well if you did not know you can check out this article over here to find out.

In this article I will talk about the benefits of doing dancing.

Improves intelligence

If you learn to dance you will be in the position of increasing your brain power.

This is because dancing ,especially ballroom and Latin American dancing, has the capacity to work through many of your senses such as touch,sound and sight.

So what do I mean by this?

We must remember that listening to music has been reported to have the following benefits according to GetHealthy:

  • Improves memory
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves cognition

As you can see most of the above benefits are all linked to improving the functioning of the mind.

This is what makes dancing very destructive and powerful compared to other activities like running and swimming.

I have written a detailed article about why dancing, especially ballroom dancing, improves your intelligence. You can read it here.

Improves condition of heart and lungs

This is the second reason why you should learn to dance. It improves heart and lung function.

Most people think dancing does not give you enough exercise but this is not true,

This is because dancing like ballroom and Latin American dancing, Ballet can be considered a sport.

Yes I said sport. Most people do not know this and if you are also not sure or in denial you can read this post here.

In fact I have had to focus more on dancing  because I have found that I got a lot of cardio.

Improves muscles tones, strength and endurance

learn to dance

Are you looking to improve your overall strength? then it is wise to join a dance club and learn to dance.

The most important thing to know here is that you must be dedicated to achieve this.

Remember in dancing there are dance workouts you can do straight from home if you do not wish to join a class.

You can also decide to just use dancing in social events if you are a huge socialite.

Just note that just because you are a socialite you may not know how to dance well so using these tips for dancing in a club can help you.

Are you a person who enjoys doing solo dances?

If yes then you can also join belly dance course which is very comprehensive.

In fact you can check out my number 1 recommendation for a belly dancing course for you here.

Great way to make new friends

Learn to dance

Making new friends in dancing is by far one of the easiest things to happen for you.

This is because in dancing you are either with a partner of do choreography with groups of people.

This makes the platform very easy to interact with people.

In fact Most of the friends I have made came from ballroom and Latin American dancing people.

Builds confidence

If there is another big reason that will make you learn to dance then this would should poke your emotions.

Believe it or not getting involved in any type of dancing will improve your confidence.

This is because in dancing you are generally involved in a lot of performances in front of the crowd or just a group of people.

This act alone is what has given me the confidence to perform in front of ant crowd whether dancers or not.

In fact it has helped improve my phobia of speaking public.

How is that for an improved life?..pretty cool right.

What makes it great is that I did not even realize this happening at all.

Get a lover

Learn to dance

Let’s admit that in any dance arena there are high chances of you getting a lover.

This happens more so in dance genres which involve partnerships like ballroom dancing.

To tell you a secret this was one of the reasons that made me want to join dancing years back (ha,ha).

Anyway for most people this starts being the reason to join and then later on they get addicted to the dance arena, ask me I know.


Final thoughts

There are many benefits which one gets if they decide to learn to dance.

The most important benefits are improved brain power and developing muscle tone.

While other people join dancing as a hobby it is also possible to take it as a sport.

This is the versatility the dance world has for all those who love dancing.

This is the reasons why I would always recommend people to start dancing.

If you have any questions or comments you would like to give me please comment below I will be more likely to help or hear your thoughts.






4 thoughts on “Learn to dance-Find out why this is the best skill to learn”

  1. These reasons why I will never stop dancing. Thank you very much.

    It is so true that dancing builds confidence and this makes things very easier for us as dancers since we have to perform in front of may people whether it is weddings or shows.

  2. Wow Thabo, I never thought about all the benefits of dancing like that but it’s. I especially like the part about losing weight. Since dancing is fun, it’s like I’d be exercising and not even realize it!
    Thank you for such a great article!

    Be Blessed,

    1. Hey Shiloh

      Yes dancing has all these benefits and that is why I recommend it over normal gym. I am glad you enjoyed the article

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