Dancing for beginners-Best way to be a top dancer quickly


Everyone would love to get onto the dance floor and be one of those  top dancers, like the ones seen on  Television screens (or mobile screens nowadays).

Unfortunately it never happens like that. It requires another approach all together.

Being in the dancing space throughout my life I have seen a lot of people get discouraged Ballroom dancebecause they do not see the results they want.

I have also seen those who came in and worked their way to the top over time.

Sure there are principles that can be implemented to get to the top, but in this article I will explain the easiest way to get to the top as a dancer.

All these principles need, is just your implementation of what I am about to  tell you.

I believe thoroughly that these principles will ease the dancing for beginners in order for them to get to the very top in a short period of them.

Ready?..let’s get into it.

Where am I?

The first principle you should focus on is where are you currently in your dancing life and life in general.

Knowing this will help you establish  your foundation for success.Ballroom dancing

think of this for a moment…when you are setting a GPS for you car, you always use the first point reference of the device to where you are currently right?

why are you inclined to do that?

This is because it helps your GPS give you the precise detail or route that is best for you to take you where you are to where you want to go (your destination).

This is exactly true for your dancing journey too as a beginner or a normal dancer.

This means before you think of where you want to be as a dancer first think where you are in terms of your work life,family life…

Are you currently busy with a demanding degree right now?, or perhaps you have a sick family member that you are looking after right now?..

If the answers to these questions are yes, that may mean you need to not commit  to your dancing goals for now.

If ,however the above situations occurred while you had been dancing already that would be a different case because it will mean prioritizing a lot on your part.

If for any reasons your situation permits to start dancing and be committed than you are ready for the next step.

Where am I going?

This step is the most important step that dancers take for granted.

taking the time to know your goals can make a difference whether you become a great dancer or not.

You need to sit down and give yourself at least 10 minutes to think of your goals.

If you fail to do this it will mean you are not ready to become a successful dancer.

Without knowing your goals you are comparable to a ship without a captain…you will not get where  you are aiming to go, instead you will drift into nothingness.

So take you time and write down your goals.

ballroom dancing

Get the right dance coach

Once you have established your goals it is worthwhile to get yourself a coach who has dancingmade it in the dance space and follow him/her.

This a lone can skyrocket your success. A coach is important because they will be able to guide you with your journey.

Remember a coach has gone through a lot of what you are still to encounter in the dance space so why not learn from his/her mistakes and shorten your journey.

Surround yourself with a team of winners

Being with people who are winners will not only make you positive and excel, but it will ballroom dancingmake your journey to the top a whole lot easier.

This is because a team of winners will uplift you when you are down and will be there in your lowest moments that come with the journey.

The one thing about being with winners is that you should always sieve out people who are negative within that space.

This is because they will do nothing but bring you down and thus that may end up affecting the team.

This will ultimately affect your progress as a dancer.



Work harder than anyone in your dance space

working hard has often been clique in our society but the truth of the matter is that this Ballroom dancingwill always be a factor in getting to the top in any walk of life.

You simply can never skip this process as it works hand in hand with the other principles I have just mentioned.

What is more important than working hard is work smart.

This will enable you to be able to dominate  the stages of dancing. Remember dancing is like any sport ,it requires physical effort from you first in order to give you success.

Invest in good attire

Have you ever head the saying “first impression last”.. well this saying is 100{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} true people always judge you from the first time they see you.

This also applies in the dancing space. Remember in dancing generally your results of how ballroom dancinggood you are are generally determined by the marks from the adjudicators.

This means that if you do not put in the effort of looking good you are cutting your chances, of getting a better position, slim.

One thing I learnt from dancing all my life is that adjudicators, to a large extent,judge you by the appearance you have on the floor.

The appearance is mainly made up of the attire you have.

Dressing well does more good then you may think…Have you noticed how dressing good makes you feel?

I bet you have and you have also experienced this in your normal life and I bet you did amazing things and felt like you could conquer the world when you had this experience.

This is the same in dancing. The more you feel good about yourself the more you will  perform well on the dance floor.

You can check an article I wrote about the good quality shoes that I recommend here.


I hope these tips were helpful in your dancing career. I would love to hear your experiences on the dance floor and anything you would like to ask you can comment below.



11 thoughts on “Dancing for beginners-Best way to be a top dancer quickly”

  1. This will help me a lot, since my wife is a very good dancer and I’m like a robot compared to her.. she tries to teach me but it is kinda hard.. with these tips I will certainly do better!

  2. This is really great advice for becoming a top dancer. I love to dance, but I know that being a top dancer is not going to happen for me. But the advice is still great, just to learn how to dance better, and feel super confident on the dance floor. I know that my son took dance lessons for a bit, and ballet. He was a competitive gymnast, and all of that helps with coordination, movement, and body positioning. Dancing has a lot of benefits besides just looking awesome on the floor 🙂

  3. Yes, these tips are quite good and practical. A coach is a REALLY good thing because they will push you to become something more, something better. Who that person is can make a BIG difference. The same is true in many other areas–an Olympic trainer, piano teacher, personal trainer, basketball coach, chemistry teacher, etc., etc., etc.

    1. Yeah this is a principle everyone should live by if they want to do well in any area of life.
      That is why they say success leaves clues.

  4. Great tips ! I am terrible dancer but the tips you have given above can used anywhere in life. If you want to achieve success in whatever you do , dancing or something else then these are tips to follow. Thanks for sharing.

  5. A nice an informative article, you get straight to the point, I never thought there was so much to learn, you have opened my eyes to another thing I didn’t know. Good luck.

    1. Yeah indeed the is always a lot to learn inorder to be a champion in the dance space.
      I am glad it could help you. 🙂

  6. I’m a complete newbie to dancing. However, my girlfriend keeps asking me about salsa dancing and wants to take dance classes together. I never really thought about it, but if she wants to do it I can give it a try.

    I know this is kind of a newbie question. But, what is the easiest kind of dance rhythm to learn for beginners?

    1. Hey Garen thanx for your question and feedback
      I would say the easiest dance rhythm would have to be cha-cha as I have found anyone can do it with ease. 🙂

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