Dance outfits-What essentials you need as a ballroom dancer

The subject of dance outfits is one of the things overlooked as a dancers, especially for beginners.

This is because most instructors focus on teaching their students the technical part of dancing and forget to help them with the dressing up.

Throughout my years of dancing I have also had the same unfortunate issue but luckily as I grow older I was introduced to the concept of knowing proper dance outfits  by top teachers.

In This article I will talk you through the most important aspects of dance outfits in ballroom dancing.

Type Shoes

First and foremost I would like to address the issue of proper dance shoes when it comes to choosing proper dance outfits.

I start with shoes because shoes will have a huge influence in terms of how you end up performing in a competition of at practice.

I always recommend to my students, especially beginners to stick to the basics when choosing dance shoes.

Not only while basic shoes making you feel comfortable but it will help you not get worried about being disqualified or something (hey no one likes that right!)

I my other post I did talk about the shoes I use as a professional ballroom dancer and you can use these if you would like. you can read it here.

Nevertheless if you are looking for basic shoes the is a variety out there that you can have a look at.

I will mention a few for you here which I consider very good quality and which generally last for long.

General ballroom dance shoes

For women

These dance shoes are usually for intermediate ballroom dancers (level 4 to Novice level).

These shoes have been in the market for a very long time and have done the work. Below are the pros and cons.


  • Very affordable
  • Have a good heel high/size


  • Only for ballroom dancing
  • Not for beginner ballroom dancers

dance outfits

Price of shoes: $10.4 (R139)

Best place to buy it :


For men

The are also men ballroom dance shoes of the same type that are cheap and of great quality as mentioned above for women.


  • Great for intermediate dancers and beginners
  • Good quality
  • Very affordable


  • Heel a bit too large for ballroom

dance outfits

Price of shoes:  $22.17 (R226)

Best place to buy it:

Note that you can still use these shoes even if you are in championship level as there are no restrictions on the top levels.

I have only talked about ballroom shoes as I have only researched the best ballroom shoes that you can use.

Types of dresses

Dresses are also a big part of the most important dance outfits that you can use.

This is because dresses add to the big picture of how you look as a dancer.

On my post of  “dancing for beginners” I talked about how dressing up can add it make you a top dancer.

Again on this post I will focus on the general types of dresses.

For beginner dancers it is vital too wear dresses which are very simple yet very bright and elegant.

Why do I say bright and elegant?

It all goes to back to the point of being prominent on the dance floor, YOU NEED TO BE VISIBLE ON THE DANCE FLOOR.

For beginners you can have seen done for you at your local dress maker as long as they use costume to make the dresses.

Below is an example of a type of beginner ballroom dress.

From the above picture you can see how simple the dress is and also you can see how basic the male wears: white shirt with black trousers.

Of course as you advance in your dancing you will need more elegant and fancy dresses like the one below, This is where you invest more into your dancing.

As you can see the man also tends to look more defined as he adds on a tail suit as he progresses in levels.


Below is a video talking about ballroom dancing dresses, how they are normally done.

Additional items

As far as dance outfits I have not included other extra items that can assist in giving you that great look.

This is because I have tried to stick to the more basic part of how a beginner and intermediate dancer can wear.

I have not included things like make up for a dancer which is vital for advanced dancers, but not for beginners.

I will include this of another article where I talk about advanced dancers wear perhaps.

However, I would like to say that the other important aspect is taking care of your practice dance wear.

I have talked about this on my other article which you can have a look at over here.

I advice about how to wear to boost your dancing levels at practice and more.

Final thoughts

Taking care of you outfit when you dance can go a very long way, but more importantly dance outfits are essential for being considered a good dancer.

Having the right shoes and outfits like pants and dresses are the best investments you can make in your dancing besides the technical part.

If your budget is tight their are many ways you can get the outfits to suit your dancing and I have highlighted those above.

I hope this article was helpful for you and gave you enough insight for improving your dancing.

If you have any questions or comments you are more than welcome to leave your comments below, I will be happy to interact with you.




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