Dance lessons-why they are important

Dancing will require many things from you some of which are important while others may not be. Dance lessons are one vital aspect of being a top dancer.Ballroom dancing

Most people do not understand the reason why dance lessons do exist and how they can be important for your growth.

In this article I will be talking about the importance of dance lessons and also how to maximize them well.

Dance lessons types

There are three different types of dance lessons that exist  in the dance world such as group lessons, private lessons, social lessons.

Let’s explore these different types below:

Private dance lessons

On my article about the best way to learn ballroom dancing I did talk about the importance of private lessons to improve your dancing rapidly.

Private lessons are when you are getting a one on one attention from you dance lesons

These kinds of dance lessons are usually more expensive than group dance lessons just because of the resources that are put  in to improve the person or the couple’s dancing.

One thing to understand about private lessons is that they differ according to the coach that you go to.

For an example if you go to a coach who is at an international level their cost will be higher than a coach who has only won local dance competitions.

The cost of the international coaches can go up to $150 per 45 minutes….

Yep that’s right and I am just being conservative here, because others do not play games.

Bear in mind that they have gone through a lot of pain in order to be at the top so basically you will get what you pay for.

Ever since I started danced I have been coached by the top coaches and so for me this is a normal price.

I have also seen many people take dancing notes when doing private lessons and this is the benefit of these types of dance lessons.

A student writing in a notebook during a dance lessons

Oh by the way, before I forget… this is by far the type of dance lessons which I would recommend for you if you want to grow in your competitive dancing.

Social dance lessons

dance lessons

Social dance lessons are dance lessons for the art part of dancing or social part as the name says.

This type of dance lesson does not require you to really be very focused to be the best since the aim is for short-term.

However, I still have to warn you that if you want to start and take social dance lessons they will still cost and arm and a leg.


But do not fret for these dance lessons since they may not be strict and even if you do miss practice it may not be a big deal since you are socializing with it.



Group dance  lessons

dance lessons

Group dance lessons can fall under the category of both the private lesson and social dance lessons.

This is because it possess the features of both the categorizes:

In one aspect you can really get to socialize in this type of dancing where you mean different people.

It is also considered important for competitive dancing which you get information with a group of fellow dancers.

This helps because you can analyze with your fellow members and discuss things you did not know that others did.

Why plan for your dance lessons?

It is very important for every dancer to plan for their dance lessons.

This is because  your dancing should be like a business of some kind…In fact it is a business..

Be careful of the slow crumpling

This is because if you do not improve your business or learn the new market improvements than your business will slowly crumple.

This is the same with your dancing. Dancing is improving every year or every week as people are constantly finding new ways to move across the flow effortlessly.

If you do not believe that dancing is improving constantly go back and look at ballroom dancing in the past and you will see the advancement it has taken.

I will show you two videos. One will be in the 90s while the other will be recent.

Check the videos below:

1.Ballroom in the 90s


2. Ballroom in the 21st century


As you can see the two videos are very different: The video above shows that dancing was more compact and rigid and the style of the dresses was very poor.

The second video, however has more dynamics, style,colour..basically more life.

So you can imagine a person who is still teaching the style of 90s and teaching students compared to the one who has kept up with the current dance styles.

The one who has kept up with information will surely do way better as he or she will know what the adjudicators want currently.

I would say if you have not considered taking dance lessons as a competitor from higher level teachers than what I have just said should convince you to take lessons especially private lessons.

You have much more to gain

What I have found about taking dance lessons, especially private lessons is that you end up finding out the newest styles or costumes of dancing whether for practice or competing.

Speaking of practice attire I wrote an article about what I have learnt to wear for practice as this follows current international levels.

This has made a huge improvement in my dancing since practice makes me feel on top of the world.

You can check it out >>here<< if you are interested

Anyway commiciamo ;)..(that is Italian for Let’s continue)..

By taking private lessons you also end up finding out more inside techniques that most people will never get since you can ask all the questions indepthly.

Believe me or not the dance instructor will end up giving you more than what you have paid for because they will be scared that if you do not do well it will not sit will with them.

Remember you will represent what they teach you so that is why they will be helping you a lot.

Guys here I am talking about genuine instructors who are top level and who do their work professionally not those who do it half way.

Final thoughts

Dance lessons are to a dancer like oxygen is to human. So no dancer can reach the top without them.

As much as there are 3 types of dance lessons, namely: Private,group and social I would recommend focusing on private dance lessons especially for competitive dancing.

You will not only learn more about improving your dance but you will learn other things like what to wear and how to conduct yourself on the dance floor in  a private lesson.

Dance lessons are also vital so that you do not get left behind as dancing improves year by year.

If you have any comments or questions you want to ask please leave your comment on the section below, I will be more than happy to hear them.

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