Dance for weight loss- This is what they never tell you

Are you looking to lose weight easy?..and have you ever thought of using dance for weight dance for weight lossloss?

The truth is that many people are not aware that they can use dancing to lose weight.

This is because most of our lives we have been told you need to use a rigorous exercise like running or cycling to lose weight.

Contrary to popular belief dancing is the best way you can lose weight.

The key is knowing how to use this method effectively.

In this article I will walk you through on how you can use dance for weight loss.


dance for weight loss

If you are truly looking to use dance for weight loss this genre of dancing is very important.

In dancing there are two types of dancing :there is the classic and there is the hippy dance.

Both these genre making up the dancing world.

However if you are looking to lose weight than it is better you choose a more rigorous type of dancing.

This would be anything from Latin American dancing to hip hop and to something like cramp dancing.

I know you may be old to do all these genres but I wouldn’t think of any other genres to help you.

dance for weight loss

Look, you do not have to be young and fit to do these dances you can literally just stand and follow the instructor.

What is amazing now is that you can even do these at the comfort of your home these days with many online resources.

In my previous article I have put some dance workouts which you can use if you do not want to join a specific genre club.

You can read it here


Should you do your dance weight loss at home or online?

Although there are many benefits in doing your dancing at home it may also be hectic since you may not be fully doing your workout.

If you go to a club you may have an instructor who will hold you accountable which is good for your improvement.

I did write about the benefits of joining a dancing club on my article called the best way to learn ballroom dancing.

This article will tell you more of the reason why you need to go to a physical club for your dancing.

More especially if you want to have long term dance goals.

Regulated dance times

Dancing, like any other activity requires you to give it full focus.

Most people think that jus because dancing seems social that it does not need a lot of effort.

This all depends on how you see dancing

For people like myself we use dancing as our sport and if you are not convinced that it is a sport than you can read my article which answers is ballroom dancing a sport?


Although to dance for weight loss issues is cost-effective if you do it own your won but having someone to monitor you can take you very far.

make sure you get a mentor who has proven results for weight loss programs

The good thing about having a mentor or coach is that he/she will ensure you stay accountable to your goals.

More than that a mentor will help you push yourself to heights you had never thought were possible.

While it is good to get a mentor make sure you get a mentor who has proven results for weight loss programs.

The reason I say this is because sometimes you may get a mentor/coach/personal trainer and they may not even know what they are doing.

This will not only help you achieve your goals but the mentor will help you conquer yourself, which is the most important aspect of life.

So get your self a mentor right now, what are you waiting for dude.

Dress the part

Although dressing the part for your dance weight loss may seem insignificant it will take Dance for weight lossyou a long way

Why do I say that you may ask?

This is because dressing the part for any specific occasion has the psychological aspect of making you more motivated.

Seeing yourself dressed up for the dance part or training part can make you really have the motivation to gym more.

Do not ask me how, but it works wonders hey

Final thoughts

Using dance for weight loss is a fun way of  improving your life in a less stressful way.

Even thought it may be easy to think that you will not really be working out while doing this it is vital to know that you still need to put in work.

There are many aspects to lookout for when doing this such choosing a specific genre, the platform you use and the mentor.

Remember dancing also requires consistency if you want to lose weight just like any other gym activity.

I hope this article was helpful to you and I hope it helped give you what you were looking for.

If you any thoughts you would like to leave or questions you may have please leave them below, I will be more than happy to hear your thoughts.



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