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There are many times of ballroom dance shoes but BD dance shoes is the one most people are talking about right now.

If you are planning to be a top ballroom and Latin American dancer you will need more than your good dancing skills. What comes with being a great dancer are top quality shoes and attire.

Shoes are the one important aspect that can cause you to loose all the principles you might have learnt before the competition.

For example a shoe that is worn out can cause you to stumble or even fall on the dance floor.

Since we have been dancing over the years with my partner we have seen that there are some shoes that do the job better than the others.

In this article I will be sharing the one shoe we have been using over the years, BD dance shoes, which we get from a company called Season Rhythms.

Below is a Video of theses shoes as we talk about the sponsorship we got from the company Seasons Rhythms.

Materials types of ballroom dance shoes

Bd dance shoes has two materials for ballroom dance shoes for men, The Suede and the laether materials. Both these shoe have pros and cons.


Leather is generally the shiny material. This material is exceptional visible and compact


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easier to wipe and prepare for a competition


  • Affected by a small chip on it and can be impossible to recover to normal state
  • Easily susceptible to rough or non smooth floors


This material is basically like a skin of an animal material.


  • Not affected by any floor
  • can be repaired by additional of some material or polish


  • Can take a lot of time to polish (taking a lot of time before a dance competition or practice).

Bd quality shoes

Material: Suede

Price: $106.10

Best place to buy it:


Female shoes

Bd dance shoes for females are a little but of a tight fit according to my partner but they do give you great flexibility.

The female shoes tend to have more durability as well and this is due to the quality of the material the brand uses.

My partner has been wearing these shoes for over 3 years and has not had any complaints yet besides the tight fit on her feet.

Price: GBY 66.51

Best place to buy:

Male shoes

The Bd dance shoes for males according to me are not 100{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} the best because they tend to like a little bit of flexibility for the leather type.

Having said that it is better to opt for the sued type of shoes as these will give you the best flexibilty you are looking for.

I personally love the sued as it tends to make my feet feel like they are in socks.

You might have observed that most top ballroom dancers in WDSF tend to wear bd dance shoes and there is a reason for that.

As I said they are the most flexible and most durable.

If you want leather dance shoes which are flexible I would recommend you look at super dance shoes.

What else to consider

Although it is great to choose your shoes for competing but also be sure to choose the right shoes for dance practice.

I would still recommend choosing shoes that will give you flexibility at practice as this is crucial for your improvement.

Remember that the habits of successful dancers have everything to do with the mindset.

Final thoughts



12 thoughts on “BD dance shoes-quality dance shoes”

  1. Great information. My daughters are dancers and have been since they were 4 years old. I never gave much thought to shoes until I had to purchase them for my girls. They take multiple dance classes a week and compete, so I have to buy many, many shoes. I quickly learned that there is a difference between different materials. I also learned to purchase exactly what my daughters say they want. I made that mistake the first time I had to buy them shoes, and my four year old threw a tantrum (so did her mom and her teacher). From that point on, I’m just the one who provides the funds, and the one who has the beaming face when my princesses take the stage.

    1. Hey Chris

      I am happy to hear that your daughters are dancing. That is a great aspect of their lives because it will open their imagination.
      Indeed the shoes are an important aspect of their dance career. Most people neglect this aspect.
      Yeah indeed you need to invest in good quality shoes if you want to be a good dancer.

  2. great article, I really enjoy using these types of dance shoes for ballroom dancing.
    Great Ballroom dancing shoes can actually give you a great value on the dance floor.
    This will help any dancer love dancing even more.

  3. Hey nice article. Ball-room dancing is something i’ve got a semi-interest in…probably something i’d enjoy doing but never really pushed myself to do. But seeing stuff on TV I can just see how important the shoes would be…probably one of the greatest tools for the dancer in this game.

    1. Hey Zulfaqar
      Indeed dancing is great. I remember before I loved dancing I use to judge it but once the dance bug bite I was addicted for life.
      Dance shoes are one of the great aspects of dancing since they gave you the glide you want on the floor.

  4. Hey,

    I love this post, thanks for sharing.

    My niece is a dancer in Liverpool, she is only 11 years old and she absolutely loves it.

    Her birthday is coming up and I am going to buy her the dance shoes you recommend because I think they will make her very happy. It will also make her look more professional.

    Thanks again for sharing and all the best,


    1. Hey Tom

      Great to hear that your niece is a dancer too. I am sure that she will look professional in these shoes and since most world champions wear the BD dance shoes brand.
      I am sure she will know and also will be a great gift and surprise for her.

  5. Hi Thabo and Tina,
    I love your website. I watched the two of you dance. It is poetry in motion, simply beautiful. Plus, ya’ll look great together.
    I really like the videos you have added to your website. They make it more intimate and brings the reader and you closer together.
    Tina and you have great personalities. It shows you work very hard at what you do, but you have fun doing it.

    I like the pros and cons sections you provided on the different materials. That was very helpful.

    The price of the shoes seemed very reasonable. I thought they would be more expensive.

    Good website, thank you, Thabo and Tina.

    johnny the Gray Wolf.

    1. Thank you very much Johnny

      Glad you enjoyed the read and the great feedback about the site,Indeed we do work hard to be at our best level and this is our passion. We are lucky to have been able to use BD dance shoes for our dancing

  6. To be really honest here, i’m sure i must have seen the brand shoes on as I am an awesome shoe lover, i’m pretty much sure the shoe can be worn for other than dance.

    Thanks so much for selecting these ranges of BD dance shoes, i particularly love the suede shoe. of course as a male.

    1. It is possible you might have seen it since other genres of dancing does use these shoes a lot.
      I also love suede they are the best man

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