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Social Dancing Crash Course review- The truth revealed

Welcome to my social dance crash course review where I take an in depth and unbiased review of this dancing course.

With the world going more and more digital it is no surprise why most people are looking for ways to dance in the comfort of their home.

In fact online dance classes are becoming the norm now.

However, most people do not know good programs which could be effective at accomplishing this for them.

So is the social dancing crash course a great option for people? Well today I explore this for you.

In all my reviews I am to be as unbiased as possible so sorry if I may tend to be harsh with my analysis and findings.

Social dancing crash course review

Program name: Social dancing crash course


Creator: Leon Turesky

Price: $47 rating: 4.7 out of 5

Pros and Cons


  • Can be done at the comfort of your home.
  • Easy to follow
  • Instructors have years of experience
  • very affordable
  • Many videos (content)


  • Not individual based

Social crash course overview

The social crash course is basically an all styles (like ballroom, tap, hip hop etc) focused dance setting which is made with 100s of videos to learn from at anytime you are ready.


You can choose from many types of dances you would like to learn and you get the videos which break down each and every part for that dance.

Who is the creator?

It is vital to know the creator so that we know that this program is not a scam and also to be able to have good trust with it.

You will be shocked how many programs do not have proper visible authors just to take advantage of people.

This course is different because it was created by Leon Turetsky who is a professional dance instructor of note.

More than this he also owns a studio in Boston America where he helps people face to face daily with dancing lessons.

So I am happy that this program has a real creator, However we still need to dig deeper to evaluate every other aspect.

How does it work?

The program simply works virtually whereby you will be able to have login credentials to the platform and learn through videos by rewinding and fast forwarding when you need to.

So after payment you get access to this platform where you will see these videos.

The course is 100% video based which means you will need to have good internet connection to be able to access all the resources.

You also do not need to have a partner as the steps are made for both couples and individuals with individuals more focused on.

What are the features of the program?

It is also vital to know what you will get as soon as you purchase so you will know if it is worth your time or not.

With this program you will be able to gain access to literally any dance style you are looking for. Here are the dance styles you will get in the program:

  • Ballroom dance
  • Latin dance
  • Hip hop
  • Belly dance
  • Irish dance
  • Swing
  • Ballet
  • tap dance
  • freestyle

However I have to be critical as a professional dancer myself that the belly dance and freestyle are not the best of their lessons.


I would look elsewhere if I am looking for these styles and I would recommend this belly dance course rather which focuses exclusively on belly dancing.

The verdict

So I am sure this is the part you have been waiting for where I tell you my true conclusion if this program is a scam or legit and if it is worth it or not.

The answer is that this course is definitely legit and not as cam because of reasons I talked about. I will repeat this for the sake of convenience:

  • Creator is real

having a real creator is useful should you have queries for the program and it shows he or she is not hiding anything.

  • Creator is reputable

The creator is a professional in dancing so who better to trust than a professional themselves. This ensures you are doing something right.

  • Risk free

The creator gives you the program risk free which means that if you find that you do not like the program or you feel it did not help you, you can be able to get your money back, no questions asked.

Final thoughts

Most people are looking for ways to dance online or improve their dance skills or prepare for their next ceremony so they end up looking for good programs.

The social crash course is one of the top programs that people can follow and be able to benefit from should they need help.

The programs is 100% online and has been for more than 5 years helping beginners learn dancing.

You get immediate access as soon as you pay and you will be met with videos of any dance you want.

So it will be up to you what you want and what you are looking to learn and you choose the videos related to that.

You can also download these so that you will be able to learn from the comfort of your own home.


I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope it was helpful in helping you make the right decisions. If you have any questions or comments to add you can leave them below. I will be happy to engage with you as always.

How to dance waltz successfully- The simple way

Knowing how ta waltz is one of the most popular things look for when it comes to any party of event making it a very in demand skill.

The truth is dancing the waltz is not hard at all as long as you know the core fundamentals of this dance. In this article I will talk about how to dance waltz successfully.

This article is beginners and also amateurs as all the principles said here are fundamentals that every top dancer knows.

This article will not be beneficial if you do not take any action at all, However if you do it will help improve your dancing.

This information is taken from the experience I have found while taking lessons from top coaches in the world of which it has been a great blessing.

So today I share them with you.

What is waltz and why is it important?

Before I start giving you the tips and strategies it is worthwhile to know what this monster called waltz really is hey?

I will go back to ancient times to explain this type of dance.

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Waltz is a type of ballroom dance which originated in Europe, specifically in Vienna according to Centralhome.

Waltz was very criticized when it started due to the fact that it involved close proximity of the male and female.

The other reason was that it was very easy to master compared to other types of dances like, tango and quickstep.

It was only later in the 1800s where it was accepted fully by most European countries.

Looking at this idea this is why people like the waltz more than other dances due to its ease of mastery. However today it has become relatively complicated for professional and amateur dancers.

This is because ballroom dancing has evolved to become a sport which it was not before.

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Having said all of that the fundamentals and basics are still exactly the same which will make you a master when apply them today.

Without these fundamentals it would be hard to do anything that is done nowadays.

Now let us go into these tips.

1. Know the correct posture

The posture of the waltz is one of the most important one to consider. Most people nowadays are dancing the waltz with the posture of a tango or something different.

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Granted, There has been an evolution for posture but the fundamentals are still the same. The man’s right hand on the top upper part of the left shoulder blade of the lady.

This helps the lady get supported well and also to give here a good head support.

The left hand which is for control should have a 30 degree angle in front as the picture below shows.

This posture will help a person be flexible on the floor when they execute any moves.

2. Know the pose

The pose is something that most people do not know when it comes to dancing.

So what is the pose?

A pose is the positioning of the center of the body, basically the center of the body.

You cannot be s flexible a great dancer if your pose is out of balance. This than means that you have to make sure that you head is in between.

3. Know the musicality

The musicality is also very important to master to be a great dancer. Musicality for beginners is different compared to those for professionals.

This is because when you are advanced you need to make sure that you are know all the variations.

For beginners the basics include knowing 1, 2, 3 steps counting. Just like the video below.

Granted, There are different musicality techniques for different types of dances and also for different levels of being a dancer.

4. Know the feeling of the movement

One of the things I never knew was the feeling of movement two years ago and I will say that it really did change my dancing.

When I got lessons from the world champ I learnt that dancing the waltz has to do a lot with the emotions of movement.

So what does this mean?

This means that every step you take as a dancer is related to an emotion which you need to link.

For example when doing Tango the emotion is more of an aggression compared to a waltz which is very smooth.

5. Find a good mentor

Dancing is a skill that you need to master on a daily basis to improve so that means that you should get someone who can help you.

Your best bet is finding someone who is good in this field of dancing waltz preferable a professional dancer or teacher.

This is because this person know a lot about the game and they have gone through a lot so their experience can help you succeed.

You may be asking “where do I get a mentor in dancing?”

There are many places to get a mentor and one of the best ways is going to a dance studio for this.

You can also join online dance classes which you can learn from them through an online video.

Final thoughts

Learning to do waltz is one of the easiest things to do however if you do not have the correct information this can make your learning curve super hard.

There are many aspects which you need to learn which will not only make you blossom as a dancer but help you win most dance competitions.

Some ways are knowing posture, musicality and mentor.

The most important ones is finding a mentor who will actually help you in what they are doing or what they have done.

You can find a mentor by joining your local dance studio or an online dancing course which will walk you step by step.

I hope this article was help. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below, I will be happy to engage with you.

Warm up dance exercises- These are what you should do daily

When it comes to dance practice everyone needs to understand the impact of not exercising has to an individual. This can effect a person’s performance or even their life in general.

This is the reason that it is important to have always have warm up dance exercises before practice and they have to be thorough and precise.

In this article I will be talking about the best warm up exercises you can incorporate today

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Why do you need to warm up for dancing?

The reason for warming up is so that you do not have cramps when you start you actual session.

Another reason for warming up is for you to ensure if you body is ready for the work ahead.

Just like you do not just start you car in the morning especially winter (well I know some people do though) you also do not want to do that to you muscles which were basically asleep before.

According to nmsi warm up helps increase the circulation to the joints and muscles which is what helps you perform the best at practice and prevents many injuries.

Foot twist exercise

Doing a foot twist exercise is the best way to keep you feet flexible strong before starting you practice.

Failing to do this can make you develop cramps on you calf muscles and make you fail practice at all.

The foot exercise is done by standing up and then lifting up you right leg and rolling you foot in a clockwise motion for 1 minute and the doing the same thing in the anticlockwise direction.

You then change you feet and do the same for the left foot.

Below is a video illustrating the part of creating a circle to work you ankles.

Head roll

Rolling you head about the neck will help relieve the stiffness of you neck before you start with you practice.

All you have to do is to rotate the head in a clockwise direction and thereafter 2 minutes you rotate anticlockwise. Simple as that.

Please note that this exercise must be done slowly or else you run the risk of breaking you neck before you dance practice.

Head roll is must be done even when you are going to a competition as you also need the upper body to be warm and ready for the said exercise.

Walking lounge and butt kicks

You want to make you legs and you hips get stronger by doing it actively (in motion).

This will help you have cardio while you are getting warmed up.

The but kicks needs to be done 30 seconds at a time as this will give you the strength you need.

Below is a video which will show you how these exercises are done effectively.

Slight jogging

We all know the benefits of jogging for warm up however if done the wrong way it can cause a disaster.

I would recommend that you do the jogging right after you do the above exercise not as a first thing for practice.

This is because jogging is similar to running it will need all you muscles to start working already.

So this is where the above exercises come in to help you get started.

I do recommend jogging the whole time before or after a dance practice as this will help muscles get warmed up and also warmed down.

Final thoughts

When it comes to exercising it is vital to ensure you do the right exercise for that specific sport.

You can not be warming up with swimming if you will be doing ballet as this is not related.

For any dance warm up make sure that you focus on the exercise like neck rolling, butt kicks and foot/ankle twist which will ease you into you practice.

Warming up is the most important aspect for any activity not just sport as long as you are doing something that will help you.

I hope this article was helpful in making sure that you understand the exercises needed before you start dancing.

If you have any question or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below.

Best shoes for ballroom dancing-These brands are the best

Ballroom dancing involves a lot of aspects when it comes to being the best and clothing is by far the best way to stand out.Best ballroom dancing shoes

When I started dancing I knew little about the impact of what outfits like shoes could do for me. I only found out about this when I got to championship level.

I must say that now shoes have becomes the most important aspect of my dancing.

This is because I have had the pleasure to dance with different brands throughout my dance career and somewhere good some were not so good.

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In this article I will be talking about the best shoes for ballroom dancing that will give you the best comfort and the durability.

I will only talk about 3 shoes that do this and hopefully it can help you make an informed decision.

1. Supadance shoes

When we talking about the best shoes for ballroom dancing supadance is a brand that always gets mentioned.

This brand is so popular that people are not concerned about its price when thinking to purchase it.

BD dance shoes is an old and well-established brand that was in use while dancing was still social.

You could say they are one of the pioneers of dance clothing more specifically shoes. They have always focused on bring out the best quality in dancing shoes.

They have constantly delivered on the quality and this is the reason people keep going to them over and over again.

I remember that I bought supadance shoes in 2007 in Italy and they lasted until 2014 when someone person I borrowed did not bring them back to me.

Anyway that is basically to tell you how durable supadance shoes really is.

BD dance shoes

Best shoes for ballroom dancing

BD dance shoes is another durable brand although not as much as supadance.

The best thing about supadance is that it is used by top dancers in WDSF dance competitions.

This branding gives supa dance the trust that is needed by any top dancer.

In my opinion I would say this brand is number 2.

I would not really confirm the durability since I have only recently started using them and Me and my partner got a sponsor from them.

However I did a great and detailed review about this brand so you can understand.

Ray Rose dance shoes

When we talk classic dance shoes for ballroom Ray rose is where you will be satisfied.

Basically what I mean is that these shoes are the most preferred shoes for old dancers or should I say people who want that classic old look.

I know my first coach used to love this brand as he felt that it made him seen as an old and matured professional ballroom dancer.

Ray rose is also very pricey just like supadance however they do have good quality of shoes.

You can check a ray rose dance shoe review which I did to highlight everything you need to know about this brand.

AIDA dance shoes

Best shoes for ballroom dancing

To be honest Aida was a shoe brand which I had never known until 2017 especially when it was endorsed by Mirko Gozolli (A former ballroom world champion).

This type of shoe specializes on flexibility and comfort more than anything else.

Maybe this explains why most people have not known this brand a lot; The branding has not been too big.

Personally I have never worn these dance shoes but most some of my international dance friends have and have stated the same sentiments that it is comfortable and more flexible than normal dance shoes.

International dance shoes

If you do not know international dance shoes and you are an avid dancer maybe you have been living under a rock.

This is because this shoes brand, out of all other brands, is very well-known and has been for a very long time.

This is because its marketing has been very good for several years whereby idols such as Emanual Valeria and Tanya Kehler have been big ambassadors.

I have also used these shoes and they are good for competing as they have all the requirements to dance in an international competition.

However, I still prefer the supadance as a brand. This is just my personal preference.

Final thoughts

Every ballroom and Latin American dancer should know that shoes, amongst other things, have the ability to make your dancing good.

This is because dancing shoes give you that comfort that you need when you are competing in a big competition.

This is the reason why people need to make sure that they choose the best brands for their dance career.

With top brands like Supadance shoes, International dance shoes, BD dance shoes, AIDA dance shoes you are sure to make your dancing a pleasure.

In terms of which shoe brand is the best it is good to do your own evaluation and see which one suits you, My choice is supadance shoes.

I hope this article was fruitful and I hope you learnt a thing or two about the best ballroom dance shoes.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to ask me below.

5 best ways of how to find a dance partner-This works all the times

As dancers, we have all been at a place where we were in need of a partner to rock the dance floor with. This can be hard at times especially if we are new in dancing or at a specific to find a dance partner

This is why it is important that we have to learn the skill of how to find a dancer partner at whichever stage of our lives we are at.

Thankfully we are living in an age where we are more engage with our potential partners since social media has made our work a bit easier.

However, we still do need to learn know the fundamental ways to go about it. In this article I will be talking about the best ways you can find the right partner for you specifically.

OK folks enough talking let’s start.

Understand the fundamentals

Before we talk about how to find a dance partner I want to first address some vital fundamentals to keep in mind always.

There are 5 key points you should always be looking in a potential partner that can help your partnership last longer and win more.

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Remember this is like choosing a business part. So here they are:

  • Loyalty

Loyalty is the number character for a partner who will last. You need a partner that will always know that he or she is in debited to you.

I know this can be hard to see especially when you just met a person, however you can always do this by finding out the background about him or her.

Another way you can do this also is by asking your partner qualified questions which link to how loyal he or she was to their previous partner(s).

An example: “How many partners have you had and what was the reason you broke up?

This question checks how committed they were and it will reveal if they were the problem or their previous partner was the problem.

  • Ability

Your partner’s potential talent or skill can be a huge bonus. Please note that this does not only mean that they must be good talent wise, but this could mean they easily grasp what they are taught.

This can be found within a few days when you are doing try-outs.

  • Communication

This can also be assessed while you are engaging with the new partner to see how well and fast they communicate things to you.

This can even be that they tell you their weaknesses at the beginning. This will show how far you will go with this person.

According to Thought catalog communication is what breaks many types of relationships and sometimes above trust. Well in dancing it is no different.

So make sure you look out for these signs of communication on Thought Catalog.

  • Respect

how to find a dance partner

Again this characteristic is difficult to dictate because it is needs to be seen over time. This is the reason I say that I say try to find a little a bit of history of your potential dance partner.

  • Applied faith

Applied faith simply means that the potential partner simple does not give up easily and has a lot of faith in their dream of dancing.

This can be easily found by just asking the person many qualified questions such as the goals they have and how long they are willing to stay the course.

  • Positive mental attitude

Let’s face it you can never achieve great things with a person who is negative,but you can go through anything with a person who has a positive mindset.

This is very true for a sport or an activity like dancing, so you need a positive minded person who is always positive.

Now that we know the fundamentals now let us look us continue with ways of finding a dance partner.

1. Social media is powerful

how to find a dance partner

The first step of how to find a dance partner can be social media as it is one of the easiest.

We are living in a world whereby social media drives our lives so that is why it is the best way of how to find a dance partner. So why not use it?

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Social media platforms are vast so it is even easier to find a partner.

Most people I know in dance have found their partners through social media.

2. Your genre-specific dance clubs

Without a doubt finding a dance partner has always been easily how to find a dance partnerdone by simply attending a dance club.

Let me ask you a question: Where are you likely to catch a shark? at a lake or in the ocean?

We all know that at the ocean


This is because while the lake also has water like the Ocean the Shark does not live there. So it is the same with dance: You can not go to a tap dancing or Latin American dance studio to find a ballroom dance partner.

I hope you get the idea I am trying to communicate here.

3. Use your networks

how to find a dance partner

You know the saying “your net worth is your network”?

Well this is true, so it is vital that you really look into people you know in dancing who might be able to be in the know how. The best thing is just to ask.

4. Go to dance websites for partner search

how to find a dance partner

There are many dance websites for searching for a dance partner on the web so you can have a feast on those.

Although most tend to be country or region specific it is good to look for one in your area.

The best way could be to type the following on google: dance partners in “YOUR LOCATION”

An example if I live in South Africa I could type; Dance partner in South Africa

If I want to narrow down: dance partners in Durban.

5. Attend competitions and look and ask around

This technique is another great one similar to going to a dance club. However, with this your chances are more magnified than ever.

This is because you see a lot of people who are watching competitions and some might be looking for a partner.

So you can use a general dance (when it is a break in between the competition) to dance with someone you have spotted in the audience.

Take home message

When it comes to finding a dance partner it involves an easy yet detailed process.

You first to need to ensure that their character is one that will take you guys far such as loyalty, Communication, respect and applied faith.

However, once you know the characteristics that are needed in a partner to be successful you than need to ensure that you use many ways to find a partner.

Fortunately these days there are many ways we can find our dancer partner like going to dance competitions and social media to name a few.

So use all these resources and I am sure you will find the best partner for your dance career.

I hope you enjoyed this article of how to find a dance partner, If you have any comments or and questions to add you are more than welcome to do so in the comment section below.

The Wdsf world championships in Russia-Things we all should know

Having competed in several wdsf world championship competitions I can say that the experience is very good experience for every national dancer to have.

When we attended the wdsf world championships in Russia, we were privileged to learn a lot from our fellow competitors in terms of conducts, practice and discipline.

We also learnt a lot about the essence of a high class ballroom dance competition and what dancers should always expect and understand.

In this article I will be unloading all the things that are vital for a couple attending a world championship competition.

Atmosphere changes to prepare for

wdsf world champions

When attending wdsf world championships competition the chances are that you are well-informed about the fact that the atmosphere can literally compromise your dancing to some degree.

So what do I mean by atmosphere?

Well I am talking about other dancers whom you will be competing with, the audience and the dance floor.

You see all these aspects tend to intimidate many dancers especially if they have never attended a wdsf world championship or if they do not compete at an international stage often.

Trust me the nerves do kick in since you are holding the flag for your country.

The ways things are done can also confuse some people and it happens a lot.

I remember my first time representing South Africa in 2005, in Slovenia and I got position 55 out of 60 couples. At first, I thought it was a joke or I was dreaming when the results came.

This is because we were one of the couples called to do a re dance (a section to select the last couples for the next round).

When we were not called back after the re dance I started to doubt myself, because at the time I understood myself to be a top dancer in my country.

It was only after where I realized that I am competing with dancers who do this sport for a living that I relaxed my emotions.

So any new dancer can be discouraged by this if they are not aware and many people do.

Adjudication system is larger

wdsf world champions

Not only do you have a very efficient system but there are normally 11 adjudicators which are participating in the dance competition.

This is done to ensure the results are not biased at all and that there is consistency.

Look, there might be some things that may happen without a doubt like favorisim however this system really helps eliminate this aspect somewhat.

To make it even more fair the adjudicators are swapped around in certain dances or certain rounds. So it just depends on that specific wdsf world championship.

In Russia there were 11 adjudicators and there was no swapping around, but it was fair to a large extent.


wdsf world champions

As with all wdsf world championships accommodation is provided for 2 couples of each country for only two nights along with transportation and transfer fees.

Transfer fees are when you are picked from the airport upon arriving at a certain country and also leaving you are dropped of at the airport.

In Russia, we were at the Vnukovo international airport which was very near from where we had accommodation.

This is what the wdsf tries to do so that competitors do not have to travel too far to their hotel.

As far as where we stayed it was at the Moscow Trade Center and it was more than a five star to be there, so we enjoyed this luxurious place fully.


fortunately we did not need to travel outside to attend the competition since the competition was in the Trade Center unlike some wdsf world championships where you have to travel to the world competition.

Competition day

wdsf world champions

When we attend the wdsf competition it was very exciting since we were ready to show case our skills we had gotten since we had done a lot of lessons from World champions a few months prior the competition.

We were able to place 30th and we were happy with the results since we were dancing with only the best professionals in the world who do dance for a living.

Can you buy dance accessories on the day?

Yes you can buy many things like shoes and ballroom dance dresses on the day and it is always guaranteed that you will get brands like BD dance shoes and supadance and if not Ray rose dance shoes.

So it is vital to have some extra cash should you wish to buy some of these.

Check out the whole trip below


Wdsf world championships are the best competitions for dancers to weigh themselves in terms of dancing.

The adjudicating system and the atmosphere is unique and will give you a very fair advantage since you are judged solely on technique and quality of your dance.

This is the reason people always get shocked when they beat a person who is number 1 in their country since the results are always very fair.

I hope this article of wdsf world championship was helpful in giving you light how the world champions are and how they are made.

If you have any comments to add you are more than welcome to add them below and I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Ray rose ballroom dance shoes-Why dance with these shoes?

When you are looking to be a top dancer it is advisable for a person to always look well on the dance floor. The most important part is to wear the durable and good-looking shoes.

Ray rose ballroom dance shoes are amongst the best ballroom dancing shoes due to the quality. Most people do not know that these shoes are one of the oldest ballroom dance shoe company for top dancers.

They have cater for ballroom and Latin American dancing dancers.

In this post I will be talking about ray rose ballroom dance shoes and their history for dancers. I will also talk about whether they are good or not and what their flaws are and positives.

Where do they come from?

Ray rose ballroom dancing shoes comes from 30 years ago where the ray rose company was founded. The company started the brand to cater for the demands of the competitive art that ballroom dancing was.

As dancing became a sport they are still part of the initiative.

The London based company catered for the top dancers who were requiring shoes that were going to last for years.

RayRose came after Supadance which is another high quality shoe company after they so a way to give dancers another shoe brand option.

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They have been exclusively focusing on making ballroom and Latin dance shoes

Type of shoes that they offer

First and foremost ray rose focuses on ballroom and Latin American dance shoes. They do not sale other items like their counterpart supadance which have other items like practice wear.

The company has risen to the challenge for catering to the development of the ballroom dancing shoes by incorporating many aspects of shoe material enhancements.

The following are the enhancements that are put in:

They have suede and leather types of material for their shoes which gives dancers an option.


Types of variations

So besides the fact that they have shoes for two genres (ballroom and Latin American) they also have their different styles within their ballroom dancing category.

I will start by giving you options for variety of ballroom dancing shoes for females.

The female ballroom dancing shoes are developed for all dancer levels and they are made with polycarbon for their heels which is one of the most durable material for heels.

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they have been tested and approved by SATRA which is a european shoes testing company that makes shoe the shoes are healthy and fit for people to wear for long periods.

They also have a sports grade ankle support which will help you be able to dance with the shoes for long periods at practice or competitions.

Female shoes

Ray rose has about 21 ballroom dance shoe types to choose from.

Now let me list all just a few types they have for you:

  • 107A bora, flesh satin
  • 106A Landslide, flesh satin
  • 103 sirocco, flesh satin
  • 109A Avalanche, flesh satin
  • 108A Ion, flesh satin
  • 117A Stratus, flesh satin
  • 116A rockslide, flesh satin/white satin
  • 129A savanna
  • 116A rockslide, light flesh
  • 119A Nimbus

Male shoes

They also have a variety of male ballroom shoes to choose from and the variety is similar to female shoes.

The only difference with male shoes is that they only have 15 types of shoes.

I will list just a few of these here.

  • 335 Windrush
  • 330 Sandstorm
  • Willow
  • 323 Tailwind
  • Mulberry
  • Ebony
  • 355 Alex
  • Pine

So what is my favorite type?

When it comes to my favorite type of ray rose shoes it has to go to the 355 Alex type. This is because this type is the most appealing out of all the shoes followed by pine.

The problem with male shoes for ray rose is that they all look very old school and do not have that modern look except of course pine and 355 Alex shoe types.

The verdict

When it comes to choosing which type of ballroom dance shoe that you are looking for it is best to ensure that you look at your dancing needs.

For an example if you prefer polishing shoes and like to have a more visible look that I would advise you to look at a leather material.

If you like a shoe that is not too visible and will make you look distinct that a suede would be good for you.

When it comes to the look of Ray rose shoes the women shoe types all look good however for males most look old school and dull except for a few.


Ray rose dance shoes have been there for more than 30 years and have been the pioneers of producing very comfortable and durable shoes for ballroom and Latin dancers.

However they have not looked too much on the look of male ballroom dance shoes as they still have the old school type of ballroom male shoes.

They have only catered in this regard for females. Their priority of female shoes is seen even by the number of female ballroom dance shoes which greatly outnumber those of the males.

I hope this post was helpful in giving you some insight on ray rose ballroom dance shoes and the company in terms of what they offer.

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Online ballroom dance lessons- What to keep in mind

We are living in an age were most people are doing things online and the digital world has evolved quite a bit. This also means more and more people are looking to get online ballroom dance lessons at the comfort of their home.

The great thing is that it is possible to do any type of dancing online as long as you are dedicated enough.

There are many factors that you must always consider before starting your dance classes and in this article I will be talking about them.

Do online classes work?

online ballroom dance lessons

The biggest concern most people have when it comes to ballroom dancing is whether online ballroom dance lessons do work?

The biggest concern with people is that they feel that it is either a scam or it will not work at all.

The answer to this question is a big YES?

So why and I am saying it will definitely work?

Well this is because getting your dance classes online is no rocket science especially if you have coaches who know what they are doing and have the needed experience.


This is because the more experience the instructors are the more they will be able to notice your progress and find ways to help you improve.

I know even in my dance classes I make sure all my students do not go to bed without getting all the knowledge.

What are pros of online classes?

There are many advantages that you derive by getting online ballroom dance classes and I will be talking about them over here.

  • Benefits of watching videos repeatedly

The main positive thing that sticks out is the fact that when the online lesson is over you can watch lesson for as many times as you want at the comfort of your home.

  • Benefits of learning at the comfort of your home

The major cost that I have seen over the years is that dancers spend a lot of time on the road going to their dance lessons.

However, with online this aspect is totally evaded since you will not need to travel for your dance lessons and thus you can save yourself a lot of trouble.

  • Privacy of doing your own mistake

Ok Ok this can be both a pro and a con… Some people enjoy getting privacy while they try to improve so this is a great thing.

What are the cons of online classes?

There are also a lot of negatives that come with taking dance classes online that may make it not worth it.

Below are the negative aspects:

  • No physical interaction

Now, this aspect is the number 1 when it comes to improving your dancing skill drastically. So if you do not have this aspect it will be very hard to improve your dancing quickly.

Basically you need a coach to monitor your progress and correct your instantly, physically.

  • No community and social community

By being online you do not get to have that interaction that you get when you attend a physical dance studio.

  • Slow progress

By joining an online class it is without a doubt the slowest way to improve as I said above that physical interaction gives you great benefits.

What are the online ballroom dance classes which exist?

There are many online ballroom dance classes out there that you can join but my best advice is for you to take those with great reputation and that have produce great results.

In this section I will be talking about the best online ballroom dance lesson classes you can join.

This online dance lessons course is filled with 137 ballroom dance lessons which are focused mostly for social.

They do offer competitive classes as well as you go up in your learning journey.

The course literally has so many other genres which you may also like other than ballroom such as :

  • Jazz
  • West coast swing
  • Hip hop
  • Lindy Hop
  • Salsa
  • Balboa
  • Blues
  • Bollywood
  • West Africa
  • Partner Charleston
  • Bhanga
  • Tap
  • Lyric contemporary
  • Milonga
  • Collegiate
  • Vintage dances
  • Crunck dance workout

My number 1 recommendation is this online dance course.

The Reason I say this is the number one recommendation is that this online course includes not just ballroom but also Latin American dances such as Cha-Cha, Rumba and Mambo.

The following are all the types of styles that they offer:

  • Ballroom and Latin
  • Hip hop
  • Break dancing
  • Irish step dancing
  • Argentina tango
  • Line dancing
  • Belly dancing
  • Tap dancing
  • Club dancing
  • Freestyle
  • Ballet
  • Salsa

What I like about this course is that it is risk-free because they you get giving free beginner lessons for beginners in genres such as cha-cha, Rumba, Swing, Tango, Waltz and foxtrot to name just a few.

This is the best way to test the waters to see if this course is what you like before you start the course paying.


I always advice people to go premium only if they are serious because the instructors have great amount of knowledge and have been in the dancing sphere for decades.

This is an online ballroom dance lessons course by Terry Dean who has been in the dance industry for years and knows what he is doing.

This courses does not really have free lessons besides the rumba which you can free for free.

This will mean you will have to pay premium to start your dance lessons.

They also have variety of ballroom dance styles which are ballroom focused unlike the ones I mentioned above which have other genres other than ballroom.

Take home message

Many people are looking to take on ballroom dancing online but they may not know whether it is a good thing to do or not due to many factors.

Online dance lessons have become very popular in this century so It is a great choice for beginners to take advantages of them since they of convenient.

The convenient includes saving your time from traveling to a physical dance studio which effects many people.

There are also cons which come with it such as not getting that physical interaction from a coach and also the social aspects of the dancing such as attaining friendship.

There are many online ballroom dance lessons which come as courses such a IDANCE.NET and…which anyone can join and take advantages of.

I hope you enjoyed this article and I hope it was very Beneficial to you and if you have any questions or comments you can

Ballroom dance dresses- Choosing a great international dress

When looking for a great ballroom international dress there are few aspects that you need to keep in mind. This is because the choice of your ballroom dance dresses can make or break your competition results.

Having had the opportunity of competing at over many international competitions in my lifetime with my partner we have seen the best ballroom dresses that exist.

We have also seen many of the current dress trends which are always evolving and it is why I will be walking you through spotting the best ballroom dance dress trends.

Know your kind of style

This has to be the most important aspect when it comes to choosing your ballroom dance dresses.

This is where most people fail since they are not well-informed about their uniqueness.

If you have watched and seen the top ballroom dancers you will have noticed what kind of style each top dancer chooses.

Some dancers chose a plain looking dress design while others choose a fancy one.

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So why is your style important?

This is simple your style is what distinguishes you from the crowd and also it becomes your identity going forward.

This will also help people to know what kind of style you like so that they subconsciously identify you with this.

For example, our style is a simple yet elegant look. If you have seen most our dresses we try by all means to stick to this style whenever we buy a new dress.

Below is are few of our dresses which follow this style of ours.

As you can see the style of our dresses are very similar or uniform.

I will know be going into some categories of ballroom dance dress styles that exist. Please note that these are just current styles and they do evolve quickly yearly.

Plain and fierce look

This style is self explanatory as it involves a simple look which has fewer stones on the dress but is very attractive.

Now this look is the most basic and it comes from the olden days however it still works these days with the exception that it would not have a big weight design at the bottom.

Who is this look for?

This plain design is for people who want to look fierce on the dance floor and show there strength.

Generally this look is for people who are really good in dancing and who are top in there dance section.

Basically if you feel that you are dominate in your section that this section is for you.

Here are some famous world champs who have worn such ballroom dance dresses:

  • Mirko Gozzoli and Edita Danuite.

  • Paolo Bosco and Silvia Pitton (normally only on show dances)

However you do not have to be a world champion as I said, just be the best in your section and then let that dress define you.

Below is an example of a plain and fierce ballroom dance dress which is international:

Dress type: Plain and fierce

Price: $516.99

Best place to buy:

Sleek and stony

This ballroom dance dress style is what we mostly stick to and this is the style we have liked ever since 2013.

This design is filled with stones and the dress is very slim fitting and looks sleek at the same time.

This design lends its qualities from the plain and fierce style with the only exception being that this style has more stones and more design.

Who is this for?

This style is for people who like looking elegance and yet very colorful on the dance floor.

Below is an example of such a dress

Price: $655.00

Place to buy:

Colorful and bold

This is one of the most common design of ballroom dance dresses.

I think the reason it is common is because it is easy to make and you can make a lot of variations with it.

This is also a design that comes from the original ballroom dance dress style and by the looks of things this style is going no where.

Who is this for?

For people who like making a lot of variations with their style.

Below are some international dresses of these styles.

Dress type: Plain and fierce

Price: $99.99

Best place to buy:

Wings and floats

Here is another dress design that I used to love back in 2008. This look is basically a combination of any othe the dance styles except that it emphases on wings and a lot of wings on the dress.

This style is a great one since it also has developed well over the years and it emphases a lot noise for your dancing across the floor.

So is this for?

This style is basically for people who love to been seen on the floor especially when doing a lot of variations on their dancing.

Price: $399.99

Best place to buy:

Pattern style

This style is as just the name says, it emphases patterns on the dresses more than anything.

This is also another modern style that people like since it is different.

Who is this for?

This pattern is basically for people who also love to be unique and want something new.

The thing with this style is that it may be a bit difficult to maintain this style especially if you are looking to buy a second hand dress because it these dresses are very rare to get.

These dresses are general custom-made for a couple so you can imagine.

Take home message

Choosing your ballroom dance dresses can be really hard especially if you are starting out in the dress section and if are not aware of the latest trends.

However, if you are aware of the dance trends you will know that there are ballroom dance dress styles like plain and fierce, Pattern style, wings and floats, colorful and bold, sleek and stony etc.

The fundamental aspect is to know what style you want to go for and then try to stick to that so it will help you know how you want your dresses to be like.

I hope this post was useful to you in helping you know the ballroom dance dresses you get at an international level.

If you have any questions or you have any comments you are more then welcome to leave your comments or questions below, I will be more than happy to engage with you.

Rumba in the jungle-What we learned as dancers

We have traveled to many dance competitions throughout South Africa and we have had privileged to see different provinces and cultures, but having participated in the Rumba in the jungle has been Rumba in the junglethe most unique experience.

This is an International dance festival held in South Africa.

We have attended this major competition two times already and we can safely say that there is a lot one can anticipate going to this competition.

In this article I will be talking about the experiences we gained in the Rumba in the jungle and what we did not really enjoy.


Rumba in the jungle is an international festival that is held at the Sun City in the North West province, South Africa.

This province was chosen due to the cultural aspects it has and also due to that it has one of the best entertainment aspects.

Rumba in the jungle

Myself and my partner can vouch to the beauty of this place since we have been there more than 3 times.

If you have never been to Sun City these here are the places that you rumba in the junglewill get to see:

  • The Valley of waves
  • Casinos
  • Safari an d wildlife
  • Family and kids entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Spa,health and beauty

Dancing categories and locations

Since Rumba in the jungle is a very big dance festival it incorporates many dance genres like ballroom (competitive and Pro-am and social), Latin,Hip hop, Line dancing, drum and many more.

rumba in the jungle

Due to so many dance genres happening at the same time there are different venues to accommodate these activities, Mainly two halls are used.

Combination of dance associations

The best aspects about this festival is that it combines all dance associations which make it a unique dance competition in South Africa.

I am happy that despite all federations having their own agenda they decide to leave all their issue at home and join forces to attend this event.

This is great for us competitors since this helps us grow and also get to dance with all SA dancers so we can see how we dance at an national levels with all federations in the country and possibly the world.


rumba in the jungle

The accommodation for the Rumba in the jungle is all around SunCity.

Most dancers however report they hardly get accommodation within SunCity due to its high prices.

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Below are some of the places that help us get good deals for when we are booking in places like within Sun City.

These are all the deals that you can take advantage of so you can save money when you go to Sun City.

It is best to book a bit early to get these deals and I find this is the best resources for booking.


Competition Experience

We have competed in this festival for two years (2017 and 2018) in Professional ballroom and came 1st and second respectively.

What we enjoyed the most was the dance hall which had a very international look and this is something rare to happen in South Africa.

Most people, I have been told, go to compete in Sun City just for the hall experience and nothing else…and I wouldn’t blame them at all….

Below is a video of us competing in 2018 Rumba in the jungle.

The highlights of the dance festival-Great dance exposure

The highlight of this event is the fact that dancing gets to be broadcasted on TV which is also something that is rare in South Africa.

Every year Sabc and super-sport come down to see and document the event from start to finish.

We and some of our students have been documented on the screens several times in this event.

Below is the video of us and our students being shown.

As you can see it was SABC news that was broadcasting this event as I mentioned above.

The negatives

As with any event there are negative sides to this event too and I will name a few that we saw.

  • Moving around in Sun City with crowded buses

Although SunCity has buses that help you move around, we found this such a big mission especially when you have to go into these buses and be squashed with other tourists.

Rumba in the Jungle

Do not get me wrong I am not saying we should not mix with other tourists as dancers, but I am saying the buses should not be so crowded.

This is because it causes so much frustration for dancers before and after they have danced and I see this regularly when I go to this festival in SunCity.

  • Bus schedules can be frustrating for dancers

Let’s be honest there are no bus proper schedule and what is more a dancers time is determined by the bus about drama!

This is one of the factors that made our parents not want to attend competitions in SunCity.

This is because they cannot manage their time well  due to the bus irregular times.

Final thoughts

The SunCity Rumba in the jungle is a great event that happens annually in South Africa and it draws a lot of dancers together.

There are many benefits of this event like dancing getting exposure and also dancers having to visit a places full or great tourist attractions such as wildlife and Valley of the waves and more.

There are also negatives that are their for dancers with regards to the venue such as the mobility in and around SunCity in general.

All in all the International festival is great for dancers and I would go any day to compete there due to the international standard of the competition itself.

I hope my article about what it is like in the Rumba in the Jungle was very helpful for you.

If you have any questions or you want to add comments you are welcome to comment below and I would be more than happy to engage with you.