Ballrom dance South Africa

Hi my name is Thabo Khoza welcome to our site. My partner (Tina dolwana) and I are ballroom dancers from South Africa.

I started dancing in the year 2002, at the age of 12.  I have thus been dancing for 15 years. Through those years I have won several  national competitions and have been selected to represent South Africa for several years. I then turned professional in the year 2009.

Tina Dolwana started dancing in the year 2001, at the age of 8 .  She danced Latin American dancing throughout those years representing KwaZulu-Natal.

Tina and I started dancing together in 2013. We have since been national  professionals. we have represent South Africa in 2014, while still doing our studies.

We have also representing South Africa in Denmark 2016, You can check out the video here.

We also represented South African in Russia in 2018 and were ranked 30th. You can check our whole trip here.

We have been trained by ballroom dancing world champions like Mirko Gozzoli, Edita Danuite, Monica , Michelle and Frank Knief.

You can check out our training video and trip with Mirko , Edita and Monica in Italy below:

We have  trained students of the University of KwaZulu-Natal in two campuses (Howard college and Edgewood college) who were also able to represented the province and achieved great results.

We are involved in training young people in ballroom dancing throughout the country. Our aim is to give young people the opportunities of reaching their highest potential in dancing.

Me and Tina Dolwana were featured on SABC 1 for our dance achievements

Purpose for this site

The sole purpose for this site is to help you become knowledgeable about becoming a top ballroom dancer in every aspect. We will reveal all the aspects that we used to become Top professional dancers.

This site is a go to for all things related to ballroom dancing. The site both an educational platform and also an inspirational platform to unleash your talent.