5 best ways of how to find a dance partner-This works all the times

As dancers, we have all been at a place where we were in need of a partner to rock the dance floor with. This can be hard at times especially if we are new in dancing or at a specific area.how to find a dance partner

This is why it is important that we have to learn the skill of how to find a dancer partner at whichever stage of our lives we are at.

Thankfully we are living in an age where we are more engage with our potential partners since social media has made our work a bit easier.

However, we still do need to learn know the fundamental ways to go about it. In this article I will be talking about the best ways you can find the right partner for you specifically.

OK folks enough talking let’s start.

Understand the fundamentals

Before we talk about how to find a dance partner I want to first address some vital fundamentals to keep in mind always.

There are 5 key points you should always be looking in a potential partner that can help your partnership last longer and win more.

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Remember this is like choosing a business part. So here they are:

  • Loyalty

Loyalty is the number character for a partner who will last. You need a partner that will always know that he or she is in debited to you.

I know this can be hard to see especially when you just met a person, however you can always do this by finding out the background about him or her.

Another way you can do this also is by asking your partner qualified questions which link to how loyal he or she was to their previous partner(s).

An example: “How many partners have you had and what was the reason you broke up?

This question checks how committed they were and it will reveal if they were the problem or their previous partner was the problem.

  • Ability

Your partner’s potential talent or skill can be a huge bonus. Please note that this does not only mean that they must be good talent wise, but this could mean they easily grasp what they are taught.

This can be found within a few days when you are doing try-outs.

  • Communication

This can also be assessed while you are engaging with the new partner to see how well and fast they communicate things to you.

This can even be that they tell you their weaknesses at the beginning. This will show how far you will go with this person.

According to Thought catalog communication is what breaks many types of relationships and sometimes above trust. Well in dancing it is no different.

So make sure you look out for these signs of communication on Thought Catalog.

  • Respect

how to find a dance partner

Again this characteristic is difficult to dictate because it is needs to be seen over time. This is the reason I say that I say try to find a little a bit of history of your potential dance partner.

  • Applied faith

Applied faith simply means that the potential partner simple does not give up easily and has a lot of faith in their dream of dancing.

This can be easily found by just asking the person many qualified questions such as the goals they have and how long they are willing to stay the course.

  • Positive mental attitude

Let’s face it you can never achieve great things with a person who is negative,but you can go through anything with a person who has a positive mindset.

This is very true for a sport or an activity like dancing, so you need a positive minded person who is always positive.

Now that we know the fundamentals now let us look us continue with ways of finding a dance partner.

1. Social media is powerful

how to find a dance partner

The first step of how to find a dance partner can be social media as it is one of the easiest.

We are living in a world whereby social media drives our lives so that is why it is the best way of how to find a dance partner. So why not use it?

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Social media platforms are vast so it is even easier to find a partner.

Most people I know in dance have found their partners through social media.

2. Your genre-specific dance clubs

Without a doubt finding a dance partner has always been easily how to find a dance partnerdone by simply attending a dance club.

Let me ask you a question: Where are you likely to catch a shark? at a lake or in the ocean?

We all know that at the ocean


This is because while the lake also has water like the Ocean the Shark does not live there. So it is the same with dance: You can not go to a tap dancing or Latin American dance studio to find a ballroom dance partner.

I hope you get the idea I am trying to communicate here.

3. Use your networks

how to find a dance partner

You know the saying “your net worth is your network”?

Well this is true, so it is vital that you really look into people you know in dancing who might be able to be in the know how. The best thing is just to ask.

4. Go to dance websites for partner search

how to find a dance partner

There are many dance websites for searching for a dance partner on the web so you can have a feast on those.

Although most tend to be country or region specific it is good to look for one in your area.

The best way could be to type the following on google: dance partners in “YOUR LOCATION”

An example if I live in South Africa I could type; Dance partner in South Africa

If I want to narrow down: dance partners in Durban.

5. Attend competitions and look and ask around

This technique is another great one similar to going to a dance club. However, with this your chances are more magnified than ever.

This is because you see a lot of people who are watching competitions and some might be looking for a partner.

So you can use a general dance (when it is a break in between the competition) to dance with someone you have spotted in the audience.

Take home message

When it comes to finding a dance partner it involves an easy yet detailed process.

You first to need to ensure that their character is one that will take you guys far such as loyalty, Communication, respect and applied faith.

However, once you know the characteristics that are needed in a partner to be successful you than need to ensure that you use many ways to find a partner.

Fortunately these days there are many ways we can find our dancer partner like going to dance competitions and social media to name a few.

So use all these resources and I am sure you will find the best partner for your dance career.

I hope you enjoyed this article of how to find a dance partner, If you have any comments or and questions to add you are more than welcome to do so in the comment section below.

3 thoughts on “5 best ways of how to find a dance partner-This works all the times”

  1. Very detailed and informative post. There were so many points I did not know about such as Genre specific dance clubs.

    I totally benefited from the 6 fundamentals like Loyalty and communication. I can attest that this was one of the main things that made most of my partnerships fail.
    Thank you again for always providing wealth of information.

    1. Hey Elene

      I am glad that you benefited from this article. I hope you can be able to able all of these tips and strategies

  2. Hello Thabo,

    The image top of your site is beautiful. It really is nice to see people being so happy and achieving their much loved goals. Its lovely 🙂 .

    So I am thinking about doing some dancing myself just for fitness but of course sourcing a partner is key. Thank you kindly for these very useful tips and I will be applying them in my own search for one.

    Thanks again Thabo and keep up the great work here and I am sure one of your 5 best ways of how to find a dance partner is going to work for me. ~ Philip

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