How to dance waltz successfully- The simple way

Knowing how ta waltz is one of the most popular things look for when it comes to any party of event making it a very in demand skill.

The truth is dancing the waltz is not hard at all as long as you know the core fundamentals of this dance. In this article I will talk about how to dance waltz successfully.

This article is beginners and also amateurs as all the principles said here are fundamentals that every top dancer knows.

This article will not be beneficial if you do not take any action at all, However if you do it will help improve your dancing.

This information is taken from the experience I have found while taking lessons from top coaches in the world of which it has been a great blessing.

So today I share them with you.

What is waltz and why is it important?

Before I start giving you the tips and strategies it is worthwhile to know what this monster called waltz really is hey?

I will go back to ancient times to explain this type of dance.

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Waltz is a type of ballroom dance which originated in Europe, specifically in Vienna according to Centralhome.

Waltz was very criticized when it started due to the fact that it involved close proximity of the male and female.

The other reason was that it was very easy to master compared to other types of dances like, tango and quickstep.

It was only later in the 1800s where it was accepted fully by most European countries.

Looking at this idea this is why people like the waltz more than other dances due to its ease of mastery. However today it has become relatively complicated for professional and amateur dancers.

This is because ballroom dancing has evolved to become a sport which it was not before.

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Having said all of that the fundamentals and basics are still exactly the same which will make you a master when apply them today.

Without these fundamentals it would be hard to do anything that is done nowadays.

Now let us go into these tips.

1. Know the correct posture

The posture of the waltz is one of the most important one to consider. Most people nowadays are dancing the waltz with the posture of a tango or something different.

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Granted, There has been an evolution for posture but the fundamentals are still the same. The man’s right hand on the top upper part of the left shoulder blade of the lady.

This helps the lady get supported well and also to give here a good head support.

The left hand which is for control should have a 30 degree angle in front as the picture below shows.

This posture will help a person be flexible on the floor when they execute any moves.

2. Know the pose

The pose is something that most people do not know when it comes to dancing.

So what is the pose?

A pose is the positioning of the center of the body, basically the center of the body.

You cannot be s flexible a great dancer if your pose is out of balance. This than means that you have to make sure that you head is in between.

3. Know the musicality

The musicality is also very important to master to be a great dancer. Musicality for beginners is different compared to those for professionals.

This is because when you are advanced you need to make sure that you are know all the variations.

For beginners the basics include knowing 1, 2, 3 steps counting. Just like the video below.

Granted, There are different musicality techniques for different types of dances and also for different levels of being a dancer.

4. Know the feeling of the movement

One of the things I never knew was the feeling of movement two years ago and I will say that it really did change my dancing.

When I got lessons from the world champ I learnt that dancing the waltz has to do a lot with the emotions of movement.

So what does this mean?

This means that every step you take as a dancer is related to an emotion which you need to link.

For example when doing Tango the emotion is more of an aggression compared to a waltz which is very smooth.

5. Find a good mentor

Dancing is a skill that you need to master on a daily basis to improve so that means that you should get someone who can help you.

Your best bet is finding someone who is good in this field of dancing waltz preferable a professional dancer or teacher.

This is because this person know a lot about the game and they have gone through a lot so their experience can help you succeed.

You may be asking “where do I get a mentor in dancing?”

There are many places to get a mentor and one of the best ways is going to a dance studio for this.

You can also join online dance classes which you can learn from them through an online video.

Final thoughts

Learning to do waltz is one of the easiest things to do however if you do not have the correct information this can make your learning curve super hard.

There are many aspects which you need to learn which will not only make you blossom as a dancer but help you win most dance competitions.

Some ways are knowing posture, musicality and mentor.

The most important ones is finding a mentor who will actually help you in what they are doing or what they have done.

You can find a mentor by joining your local dance studio or an online dancing course which will walk you step by step.

I hope this article was help. If you have any questions or comments to add you are more than welcome to leave them below, I will be happy to engage with you.