Rumba in the jungle-What we learned as dancers

We have traveled to many dance competitions throughout South Africa and we have had privileged to see different provinces and cultures, but having participated in the Rumba in the jungle has been Rumba in the junglethe most unique experience.

This is an International dance festival held in South Africa.

We have attended this major competition two times already and we can safely say that there is a lot one can anticipate going to this competition.

In this article I will be talking about the experiences we gained in the Rumba in the jungle and what we did not really enjoy.


Rumba in the jungle is an international festival that is held at the Sun City in the North West province, South Africa.

This province was chosen due to the cultural aspects it has and also due to that it has one of the best entertainment aspects.

Rumba in the jungle

Myself and my partner can vouch to the beauty of this place since we have been there more than 3 times.

If you have never been to Sun City these here are the places that you rumba in the junglewill get to see:

  • The Valley of waves
  • Casinos
  • Safari an d wildlife
  • Family and kids entertainment
  • Shopping
  • Spa,health and beauty

Dancing categories and locations

Since Rumba in the jungle is a very big dance festival it incorporates many dance genres like ballroom (competitive and Pro-am and social), Latin,Hip hop, Line dancing, drum and many more.

rumba in the jungle

Due to so many dance genres happening at the same time there are different venues to accommodate these activities, Mainly two halls are used.

Combination of dance associations

The best aspects about this festival is that it combines all dance associations which make it a unique dance competition in South Africa.

I am happy that despite all federations having their own agenda they decide to leave all their issue at home and join forces to attend this event.

This is great for us competitors since this helps us grow and also get to dance with all SA dancers so we can see how we dance at an national levels with all federations in the country and possibly the world.


rumba in the jungle

The accommodation for the Rumba in the jungle is all around SunCity.

Most dancers however report they hardly get accommodation within SunCity due to its high prices.

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Below are some of the places that help us get good deals for when we are booking in places like within Sun City.

These are all the deals that you can take advantage of so you can save money when you go to Sun City.

It is best to book a bit early to get these deals and I find this is the best resources for booking.


Competition Experience

We have competed in this festival for two years (2017 and 2018) in Professional ballroom and came 1st and second respectively.

What we enjoyed the most was the dance hall which had a very international look and this is something rare to happen in South Africa.

Most people, I have been told, go to compete in Sun City just for the hall experience and nothing else…and I wouldn’t blame them at all….

Below is a video of us competing in 2018 Rumba in the jungle.

The highlights of the dance festival-Great dance exposure

The highlight of this event is the fact that dancing gets to be broadcasted on TV which is also something that is rare in South Africa.

Every year Sabc and super-sport come down to see and document the event from start to finish.

We and some of our students have been documented on the screens several times in this event.

Below is the video of us and our students being shown.

As you can see it was SABC news that was broadcasting this event as I mentioned above.

The negatives

As with any event there are negative sides to this event too and I will name a few that we saw.

  • Moving around in Sun City with crowded buses

Although SunCity has buses that help you move around, we found this such a big mission especially when you have to go into these buses and be squashed with other tourists.

Rumba in the Jungle

Do not get me wrong I am not saying we should not mix with other tourists as dancers, but I am saying the buses should not be so crowded.

This is because it causes so much frustration for dancers before and after they have danced and I see this regularly when I go to this festival in SunCity.

  • Bus schedules can be frustrating for dancers

Let’s be honest there are no bus proper schedule and what is more a dancers time is determined by the bus about drama!

This is one of the factors that made our parents not want to attend competitions in SunCity.

This is because they cannot manage their time well  due to the bus irregular times.

Final thoughts

The SunCity Rumba in the jungle is a great event that happens annually in South Africa and it draws a lot of dancers together.

There are many benefits of this event like dancing getting exposure and also dancers having to visit a places full or great tourist attractions such as wildlife and Valley of the waves and more.

There are also negatives that are their for dancers with regards to the venue such as the mobility in and around SunCity in general.

All in all the International festival is great for dancers and I would go any day to compete there due to the international standard of the competition itself.

I hope my article about what it is like in the Rumba in the Jungle was very helpful for you.

If you have any questions or you want to add comments you are welcome to comment below and I would be more than happy to engage with you.