Dancer diet plan- This could be one thing killing your dance performance

A dancer diet plan is very important when it comes to advancing as a dancer.

All forms of dance genres know the importance of taking the food you eat seriously with reference to progress.

However, most people do not know how important this concept is and thus that is why most people do not succeed in dancing.


dancer diet plan

This should come as no surprise as to why the dancer diet plan includes protein as protein is the most important nutrient for dancers.

The most important aspect about protein is that it must be taken well in advance of a practice session or a competition.

Top ballerinas are known to drink protein shakes in the morning or some sort of protein liquid or food before practice.

You can understand why this helps them to be so strong and fit.

The best protein foods to eat in the morning or prior to a heavy competition are as follows:dancer diet plan

  • Nuts
  • Banana
  • Milk
  • Oatmeal foods
  • blue berries


Fiber is known to leave you fuller for long periods of time. This is exactly what all dancers need especially when they are dancing.

Fiber also has many other benefits other than leaving you fuller such as giving you good breathe.

Trust me you need this trait especially if you are engaged in a dance genre which involves you getting close to someone like ballroom and Latin American dancing.

The best fiber foods to eat as a dancer are as follows:dancer diet plan

  • Apples
  • Whole-wheat bread
  • grapes

These foods are the best because not only do they have high amount of fiber but they are also very easy to pack in your lunch box when you  go to practice or competition.


Our bodies are made up of more than 60{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} water so it goes without saying why it is vital for you to drink as much water as possible.

dancer diet plan

Ballerinas are also known to drink high amount of water in the morning.

This of course is what helps them keep hydrated throughout the practice session.

This is important considering how much water we lose as dancers when we perform.

Water also has the following benefits:

  • helps keep your breathe fresh
  • keeps you hydrated
  • keeps your fuller for longer.
  • Chases away headaches


the dancer diet plan will not exist without me mentioning the importance of potassium.

In fact this nutrient is what I take the most caution in because if not taken it can have huge ramifications.

The following foods contain high amount of protein:

  • Banana
  • Mushrooms
  • Cucumbers


dancer diet plan

Yes sleeping should also be an important factor for a dancer diet plan because of the fact that all these nutrients would not do anything without you incorporating sleep.

This is because sleep is what makes all the above nutrients work in the body.

I would recommend 5-7 hours, of course this could depend on your body.

With sleeping just makes sure you do not over do it as this may make feel very tired which can jeopardize your progress.

Important times to eat

The other important factor about the dancers diet is the time you consume all these nutrients.

This will be helpful because as dancers we need to have the best amount of energy at the right time so we can reach our full potential.

Let me talk about the most optimal times for incorporating all the above factors.


This is a very important eating time and I have to say that I use to neglect its importance.

It is more important for athletes than normal people because of the energy you leave on the floor.

Remember when you go to practice you literally are taking away energy and protein from your muscles.

So it would not be wise to not repair the damaged muscles.

Having said that it is vital to remember that you must not eat something heavy just for the sake of being full. Just keep it light and simple.

The other bad thing about eating a lot is that you may end up being constipated because you will be shaking your body drastically after a few minutes you ate.

If you do happen to eat a lot it is better to leave a long gap (2 hours or more) before your par-take in your sport.

Remember to keep this in mind if you will be doing a dance workout just before practice too.


This part is not too crucial when compared to breakfast and supper because during the day you may still function well especially if you ate your breakfast well.

What most dancers and ballerinas do is that they snack during lunch most of the time which helps them to get more power for continuing the session.

Below is a talk about the importance of a dancer diet plan


I could say that dinner is a bitter similar to breakfast.

remember the only difference is that your muscles have been destroyed so you need to replace them with good foods.

The food can be like breakfast but only being a little bit heavier than breakfast.

Examples could be foods like turkey, chicken, lean meat with brown rice or salad.

Remember to not eat immediately before you sleep as this may effect your digestion (similar to breakfast remember).

Remember to always leave at least 2 hours before you sleep and eat dinner.

Below is expert nutritionist talking about diet of dancers and its importance.

What top dancers say about this.

Some of the top ballerinas like Pollack and Segin both  agree that breakfast should include protein, vegetables and fruits.

They say this is important for keeping a person full throughout their practice session.

They do also say that normally for lunch they snack on something like nuts.

You can read there story here

As you have read above this is exactly how I had advised since I do this with my partner.

Final thoughts

Being a dancer has involves a lot of things especially important is the food you eat.

This will largely determine how far you go as an dancer.

Make sure you take serious the important meal times like breakfast and dinner.

Make sure that you put in protein and high amount of fiber with potassium.

I hope this article was helpful in giving you a dancer diet plan. If you have any comments or questions you would like to give to me please leave your comments below.