Trip to Italy-What we discovered on our dance trip

Many people are very accustomed to the European country travels but fail to explore all the essentials of a specific country.

Having traveled many European countries with my partner we have had the pleasure explore their cultures.Trip to Italy

In our travels one country has stood out above all the others and that is Italy. We recently went to Italy to get ballroom dance training and we ended up gaining more than that.

In this article I will be revealing to you about the major things we gained or shall I say got the pleasure of experiencing.

Purpose of the trip

The sole purpose of the trip was for us to improve our dancing as sports people and we had the pleasure to get training from the world champions in ballroom dancing.

We are people who believe in personal development in every aspects of our lives thus that is why we are always improving our game and craft.

Like I said in my other article about setting goals as a beginner or an amateur dancer.

The trip to Italy was beneficial enough because we ended up gaining many experiences such as knowing how systems work in Italy.

We also gaining a few friends on our trip who were also their for training.

The training  last two weeks and a half since we went to two different studios for our lessons.

Dancing training

Dance training really got our bodies over working since we had not been used to training for such long hours per day.

The first training was with Mirko Gozzoli and Edita Danuite who have been world champions for more than a decade of their dancing.

Mirko Gozzoli and Edita Danuite
Us with Edita and Mirko

We really enjoyed and learnt a lot from them because they have been our role models ever since we started dancing.

The best part is when I got the pleasure f dancing with Edita Danuite…Yes I danced with her and it was the most amazing feeling in the world.

Below is a video of me dancing with her so you can see what I am talking about.

We are so happy that we had great ballroom dancing practice wear for our lesson which helped the trainers see all our body execution properly.

Our next training for another week was with Michelle and Monica.

They were also world champions in in their time of competitive dancing and had a lot to share with us.

We loved how they had patience and took them to help us improve as well. For a week we had gotten so much knowledge it was mind boggling.

What was interesting about Michelle and Monica’s lessons was that it was completely private meaning we were the only couple dancing.

Exploring was fun

Upon arrival in Italy we had the pleasure of exploring the city and also we had to check where the ballroom dancing studio was the day before.

The first day was very enjoyable because we had done 80{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} of the touring we had been looking for. You check the vlog below of when we arrived the first day below.

As you saw on the above vlog the experience on the first two days (before training) was very amazing and exhausting.