Practice wear for ballroom dancing-Getting the best practice clothes

Dancing is more than looking forward to a dance competition, it involves a lot of practice too.

For this reason that is why having the proper practice gear can elevate your dancing. The reason for this is because what you wear can have a lot to do with your emotional state on the dance floor (ask me, I know).

Unfortunately most people may overlook this statement as being invaluable because they have been conditioned to not succeed.

Those who realize this small concept can have a huge impact on their overall dancing career.

In this article I will be talking about the importance of practice wear for ballroom dancing and why it is very important and also what kind of wear to focus on when practicing.


practice wear for ballroom dancing

Color is one of the most influential factors when it comes to directing and influencing your emotional state.

According to Verywellmind color can represent many emotional states and it may differ from one individual to another.  For this reason choosing a certain color has some sort of effect in your training.

It also states that the color black has a universal meaning of power and in fashion it is used to represent the slimming quality of the clothing.

A color like white is generally known to represent cleanliness and a fresh beginning for things as clothing or decor.

This is the reason when we practice we focus on wearing one of these two colors (Black or white). Depending on our mood when we practice we choose accordingly.

I generally enjoy wearing a white top and black pants because the top gives me a cleaner posture and on top of that it is very bright. Believe me this makes my practice session for ballroom dancing a lot exciting.

TOP/ T-shirt

One thing I have learnt about doing dancing, especially if you are doing classic dancers like practice wear for ballroom dancingballroom dancing, Contemporary dancing or ballet is that what you wear on top can either drop your performance level or turn it up. This is because the top is normally what people or instructors can visible see without any efforts.

My recommendation for ballroom dancing and Latin American dancing is to wear a tight t-shirt as this will help produce the posture that you are looking to produce as you practice.

You may have noticed that over the years the ballroom shirts have drastically changed from normal cotton shirts to the tight fit costumes. Have you wonder why?

Well this is mainly due to the slim fit which leaves you feeling lighter when you are competing. I can confess that once I changed from the old shirts to the tight costume shirts I felt slightly lighter on the floor.

So adding a tight or slim fit shirt can be a best option for your practice session.


Pants are another important  clothing item after t-shirts. One major tip about the pants is that, Just like T-shirts, they need to be of a very light material.

This can also include a light weight tracksuit that you have at home. This will work just fine.

Male or females can wear these in ballroom and Latin American dancing so that is the good thing about pants (their versatile)

ballroom dancing South Africa


Dresses can only apply to women, Unless of course you prefer dresses as a men (ha ha jokes).

Dresses are another option for women to wear when they practice. Just like how you choose pants for practice dresses must also have a light weight material. Again the idea is for the dress to enable you to feel lighter when you dance.

You should always aim for at least a cotton material skin or whatever lighter material you may find.


Similar to a dress and pants this is another option that women can choose from. The advantage of choosing a skirt over pants and dress is that a skirt can act as a pant and also as a dress.

If you choose a skirt make sure that the skirt is free flowing as this will allow you to be able to move freely and do all the sways that are required.

Oh and the other thing is that for ballroom aim to not a very short skirt this is reserved for Latin American perhaps.


Practice wear for ballroom dancing would be non-existence without choosing the right shoes for practicing.

This goes without saying that dance shoes are by far the number priority when it comes to practice.

This is because shoes are the one think the instructors always want to see clearly especially when you are doing ballroom and Latin American dancing.

When you are looking for dance shoes make sure you get shoes that will be strong and of good quality.  There are many of brand of shoes out there such as Dancewell, BD dance, Superdance etc.

For practicing ballroom dance aim for the brand with the highest quality so that the shoes will last for longer.

For those who still cannot afford shoes currently, especially the beginners, the other alternative is to use flexible takkies.

In fact I still use flexible takkies when I do my practice sessions. I use this for a couple of reasons:

  • Get my fit comfortable using and shoe when I dance
  • To reserve my dance shoes for a longer period of time.
  • To train my muscles in my legs to take any amount of stress when I dance

Final thoughts

Wearing proper dance wear at practice is very important for your success in the competitive stages. Women tend to have more options in terms of practice wear than men.

They can either wear a skirt or dress or pants or even a combination of each, while men are very restricted.

Color is a very significant component of your practice wear for dancing as it is linked to the emotion it will give you over during your practice session. This is one aspect people hardly pay attention to.

Practice wear for ballroom dancing is easier to choose because there are only a few factors you need to consider.

I Hope this article was really helpful in giving you information about getting or choosing proper practice wear for ballroom dancing.

I would love to hear your experiences our comments about this post. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask any questions.