Dancing for beginners-Best way to be a top dancer quickly


Everyone would love to get onto the dance floor and be one of those  top dancers, like the ones seen on  Television screens (or mobile screens nowadays).

Unfortunately it never happens like that. It requires another approach all together.

Being in the dancing space throughout my life I have seen a lot of people get discouraged Ballroom dancebecause they do not see the results they want.

I have also seen those who came in and worked their way to the top over time.

Sure there are principles that can be implemented to get to the top, but in this article I will explain the easiest way to get to the top as a dancer.

All these principles need, is just your implementation of what I am about to  tell you.

I believe thoroughly that these principles will ease the dancing for beginners in order for them to get to the very top in a short period of them.

Ready?..let’s get into it.

Where am I?

The first principle you should focus on is where are you currently in your dancing life and life in general.

Knowing this will help you establish  your foundation for success.Ballroom dancing

think of this for a moment…when you are setting a GPS for you car, you always use the first point reference of the device to where you are currently right?

why are you inclined to do that?

This is because it helps your GPS give you the precise detail or route that is best for you to take you where you are to where you want to go (your destination).

This is exactly true for your dancing journey too as a beginner or a normal dancer.

This means before you think of where you want to be as a dancer first think where you are in terms of your work life,family life…

Are you currently busy with a demanding degree right now?, or perhaps you have a sick family member that you are looking after right now?..

If the answers to these questions are yes, that may mean you need to not commit  to your dancing goals for now.

If ,however the above situations occurred while you had been dancing already that would be a different case because it will mean prioritizing a lot on your part.

If for any reasons your situation permits to start dancing and be committed than you are ready for the next step.

Where am I going?

This step is the most important step that dancers take for granted.

taking the time to know your goals can make a difference whether you become a great dancer or not.

You need to sit down and give yourself at least 10 minutes to think of your goals.

If you fail to do this it will mean you are not ready to become a successful dancer.

Without knowing your goals you are comparable to a ship without a captain…you will not get where  you are aiming to go, instead you will drift into nothingness.

So take you time and write down your goals.

ballroom dancing

Get the right dance coach

Once you have established your goals it is worthwhile to get yourself a coach who has dancingmade it in the dance space and follow him/her.

This a lone can skyrocket your success. A coach is important because they will be able to guide you with your journey.

Remember a coach has gone through a lot of what you are still to encounter in the dance space so why not learn from his/her mistakes and shorten your journey.

Surround yourself with a team of winners

Being with people who are winners will not only make you positive and excel, but it will ballroom dancingmake your journey to the top a whole lot easier.

This is because a team of winners will uplift you when you are down and will be there in your lowest moments that come with the journey.

The one thing about being with winners is that you should always sieve out people who are negative within that space.

This is because they will do nothing but bring you down and thus that may end up affecting the team.

This will ultimately affect your progress as a dancer.



Work harder than anyone in your dance space

working hard has often been clique in our society but the truth of the matter is that this Ballroom dancingwill always be a factor in getting to the top in any walk of life.

You simply can never skip this process as it works hand in hand with the other principles I have just mentioned.

What is more important than working hard is work smart.

This will enable you to be able to dominate  the stages of dancing. Remember dancing is like any sport ,it requires physical effort from you first in order to give you success.

Invest in good attire

Have you ever head the saying “first impression last”.. well this saying is 100{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} true people always judge you from the first time they see you.

This also applies in the dancing space. Remember in dancing generally your results of how ballroom dancinggood you are are generally determined by the marks from the adjudicators.

This means that if you do not put in the effort of looking good you are cutting your chances, of getting a better position, slim.

One thing I learnt from dancing all my life is that adjudicators, to a large extent,judge you by the appearance you have on the floor.

The appearance is mainly made up of the attire you have.

Dressing well does more good then you may think…Have you noticed how dressing good makes you feel?

I bet you have and you have also experienced this in your normal life and I bet you did amazing things and felt like you could conquer the world when you had this experience.

This is the same in dancing. The more you feel good about yourself the more you will  perform well on the dance floor.

You can check an article I wrote about the good quality shoes that I recommend here.


I hope these tips were helpful in your dancing career. I would love to hear your experiences on the dance floor and anything you would like to ask you can comment below.



BD dance shoes-quality dance shoes

There are many times of ballroom dance shoes but BD dance shoes is the one most people are talking about right now.

If you are planning to be a top ballroom and Latin American dancer you will need more than your good dancing skills. What comes with being a great dancer are top quality shoes and attire.

Shoes are the one important aspect that can cause you to loose all the principles you might have learnt before the competition.

For example a shoe that is worn out can cause you to stumble or even fall on the dance floor.

Since we have been dancing over the years with my partner we have seen that there are some shoes that do the job better than the others.

In this article I will be sharing the one shoe we have been using over the years, BD dance shoes, which we get from a company called Season Rhythms.

Below is a Video of theses shoes as we talk about the sponsorship we got from the company Seasons Rhythms.

Materials types of ballroom dance shoes

Bd dance shoes has two materials for ballroom dance shoes for men, The Suede and the laether materials. Both these shoe have pros and cons.


Leather is generally the shiny material. This material is exceptional visible and compact


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Easier to wipe and prepare for a competition


  • Affected by a small chip on it and can be impossible to recover to normal state
  • Easily susceptible to rough or non smooth floors


This material is basically like a skin of an animal material.


  • Not affected by any floor
  • can be repaired by additional of some material or polish


  • Can take a lot of time to polish (taking a lot of time before a dance competition or practice).

Bd quality shoes

Material: Suede

Price: $106.10

Best place to buy it: Ebay.com


Female shoes

Bd dance shoes for females are a little but of a tight fit according to my partner but they do give you great flexibility.

The female shoes tend to have more durability as well and this is due to the quality of the material the brand uses.

My partner has been wearing these shoes for over 3 years and has not had any complaints yet besides the tight fit on her feet.

Price: GBY 66.51

Best place to buy: Ebay.com

Male shoes

The Bd dance shoes for males according to me are not 100{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7} the best because they tend to like a little bit of flexibility for the leather type.

Having said that it is better to opt for the sued type of shoes as these will give you the best flexibilty you are looking for.

I personally love the sued as it tends to make my feet feel like they are in socks.

You might have observed that most top ballroom dancers in WDSF tend to wear bd dance shoes and there is a reason for that.

As I said they are the most flexible and most durable.

If you want leather dance shoes which are flexible I would recommend you look at super dance shoes.

What else to consider

Although it is great to choose your shoes for competing but also be sure to choose the right shoes for dance practice.

I would still recommend choosing shoes that will give you flexibility at practice as this is crucial for your improvement.

Remember that the habits of successful dancers have everything to do with the mindset.

Final thoughts



Habits of successful dancers-What you should know as a dancer

Have you ever wondered  about the habits of successful dancers and what they involve?

If you are like most dancers I am sure you have right?

Everyone wants to be a top dancer, whether it is in ballroom or Latin American dancing or even Jazz. But did you know that there are fundamental principles that help you be a top dancer?

In this post I will be talking about habits of successful dancers and how you can put it in your dance journey.

Below is a video where I talk about these principles.

Take practice time serious

Habits of successful dancers involve, first and foremost more practice time. Practice time is  actually the most important when it comes to being a great dancer.

Each second Ballroom dancingyou are at practice you need to be dedicate at  focusing on a certain aspect of your dance.

This will assist in small growths which will accumulate to big amounts of improvements over a month and over the years.

It is basically like saving money each day in your bank account, the more you save the more money you will have in a month and ultimately over a year. More than just practicing a certain aspect ensures what you are practicing is quality and 100{14175b1f95d0f0faa387c4f6ed17908f179b141bfe6cf26d34224cd7cbf4f8b7}. Remember quality is better than quantity.

Practice long hours

Habits of successful dancers would not exist without this concept. This concepts goes hand in hand with the principle of taking practice serious.

The more a Ballroom dancingperson practices(quality) the better dancer they will end up becoming.

Look at all the top athletes in the world, they are all top because they work hard and give themselves more practice hours.

Michael Phelps even admitted that he practices nearly 365 days a year . He said he practices while people are having holidays… imagine that.

Warm ups and fitness

No dancer, in my books, should be allowed to dance without doing any warm ups. Warm ups are crucial in ensuring your body is ready to dance because if you fail to do that ultimately your body will get damaged over time. This is why people end up having cramps while dancing.

Fuel their bodies with good nutrition and Water

With any activity, to produce the maximum potential in your body it is wise to ensure it has the proper nutrition.

In dancing I would recommend eating lots of protein to ensure your body is ready to give you energy since dancing demands a lot of muscle function.

Water is also vital because dehydration can actually cause you to faint while practicing of competing which has happened in the past to my partner.

Invest in themselves

To get a head in life you need to invest in yourself. This is a concept all successful people in ballroom dancingany field live by.

This means they understand that education for their sport is an on going process since there is always a lot to learn in order to become the best.

Remember if you are not investing in yourself and just complaining about the costs you will pull yourself back for your own growth.

The good thing with investing in yourself is that it always comes back to you later on in life.

Work in teams

You have probably heard the saying “to get to your goals fast you must do it alone but if you want to get there far you must do it with others.”

This is because when you are in an environment of people who are positive and who encourage you the more you are going to be successful.

Throughout my international travels in dancing I have witnessed a lot of these.

You can also get these by attending group lessons which can help you improve a lot.

You can check out my article about the importance of dance lessons to see how lessons are vital for dancers.

Final thoughts

Habits of successful dancers involves  lot of aspects such as practice time, nutrition and more it is vital to learn to tackle all the aspects.

Once you learn these concepts not only will your dancing improve but also your life’s general achievements.

I hope these tips helped you understand the principles successful dancer use to dominate the dance stages. You can add any opinions or experiences you might have also had in dance or any questions you would like to ask on the comment section below.