Essential diet/food ideas for ballroom and Latin Dancers

What foods should Ballroom and Latin American dancers consume?

Dark chocolate for dancers:

As a dancer there are foods that your body needs to in order to perform well in a competition Day. Preparing the day before with Proteins and a bit of carbohydrates can go a long well. On the day of the competition there are foods to focus on in the morning such as grains and proteins to carry you though the tough day. Ballerinas are said to eat Dark chocolate before a big performance which is a habit dancers can follow to. Mostly importantly being hydrates need to be the main priority during the competition day since the lack of it can disturb a dancer’s performance to some degree.

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Vital exercises for dancers

Training that is vital for ballroom and Latin dancers

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Pilates exercise: Photocred:

Anyone who is a ballroom dancer should look into putting these training exercises into their training program to help with great movements, The Gyrotonic, Pilates and Yoga. These exercises are believed to work your entire body to be a complete dancer. The Gyrotonic (AKA Yoga of dance) helps with working the 3 Dimensional system of your body helping you balancing completely as you dance, while the Pilate , which works hand in hand with Gyrotonic, is used to balance your skeletal muscles of your body. The Yoga is said to primarily ensure in relieving anxiety and irritability or stress before your dance or compete by aligning your mind and your physical body.

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KZN World Trial 2018

World trials at Edgewood campus

Well done to the TTDANCESPORT club students for performing very well at the World trials, last saturday, The whole team of students competed and got good placings.

Sanele and Okuhle-1st at Pre-champ standard

PK and Sammie-1st in championship standard

Thobani and Nqobile-2nd in championship standard

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