All good things come to an end, same is true for the ballroom dance legends

Another ballroom dance legend retires

Farewell to World Champions

ballroom dancing

They are all here – for a change – and ready to do battle! Well, that is what everybody had thought until the day of the championship. In the end it didn’t happen. But the 2016 WDSF PD World DanceSport Championship Standard was an outstanding event regardless.

The close to two hours of coverage that are provided in this Vimeo on Demand programme confirm that. Great DanceSport combines with the emotions of a retirement: the new PD World Champions Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet made this their last competition.

A 4-camera production in HD covering the decisive stages of the 2016 PD World Standard. The programme is made up of four parts: the full-length semi-final, a Latin show by Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe, the full-length final and an in-depth interview with Emanuel Valeri and Tania Kehlet. Here is the trailer set to Willow (The Best 17) from Casa musica.


Having been there and compete in the same dance floor with the dance legends Tania and Emanuel was an honor. What we learnt as a couple was that most whether you are a world champ and looking to retire you need to retire with a bang which is what these legends did on the 11 November in Denmark. We also learnt that once you retire it doesn't necessary mean you have to not be in that particular sport but you need to groom other dancers so they that you make others more successful too.